Stop The Vilification Campaign Against Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)


On 11th July, a wide-scale police operation against Turkish writer Harun Yahya and members of Science Research Foundation (SRF) was launched. A vilification campaign is being conducted against Harun Yahya with many imaginary claims in the press including mind control, fraud, violence and molesting etc. Two years ago, same vilification campaign was launched against Dr. Zakir Naik of India and his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). Cult-Like Organization / Mind Control Harun Yahya educated his students that Romanticism is a weapon of satan, a kind of sentimentalism which is used to control minds. A true Muslim is open minded and intelligent not emotional. A person must act, not according to his emotions, but according to his reason, his free-will, and the commands of Allah. A true Muslim cannot think about controlling mind of another person. Violating The Anti-Terrorism Law Harun Yahya taught, Islam denounces terrorism an…

Mahdi (as) is the master of secret knowledge (Ilm al-Ledun)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Prophet (saas) says: "Know that Mahdi is the inheritor of all knowledge. He is knowledgeable in all fields of science." (Najm us Saqib, p.193) Of course by science, that is knowledge, it is not referred to scientific information that is usually memorized, or learnt knowledge. The term ‘science’ or ‘knowledge’ here is entirely different; that is the particular knowledge God inspires in the heart. Ilm Al-Ledun (Secret Knowledge) emerges as a strategy in safeguarding the believers against extraordinary phenomena. In fact, the reason the Surah al-Kahf is conveyed through secret knowledge is that Mahdi (as), too, will be the master of secret knowledge. Mahdi (as) acts only through the means of Ilm al-Ledun (secret knowledge). He couldn’t carry out his duty as the Mahdi without it. This is why it is impossible to understand Mahdi (as) by only looking at his appearance. Secret knowledge is the main reason among the reason of his ‘seventy curtains.’ Those curtains c…

Transitional Forms Richard Dawkins and the Darwinists Dream of Having

The theory of evolution claims that a particular species transforms into a brand-new species with very small changes. However, to prove such a claim it is necessary to find proof of these transitional species with the aforementioned changes and to present them as scientific evidence. The alleged transitional species must originate from an imaginary ancestor species and possess new developing organs, systems or limbs. However, such imaginary transformations, which involve trial and error and are claimed to have lasted for millions of years, will result in an unsuccessful transitional species with half-limbs or missing organs. It is interesting that THERE IS NOT EVEN A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM in the fossil record that would bear witness to such changes. Contrary to the expectations of evolutionists, the fossil record is instead full of species with intact and complete organs and systems. This shows us that the millions of species we have witnessed so far all had the same characteristic…

Mr. Adnan Oktar and his works

Mr. Adnan Oktar and his works 

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Darwinism occupies an official place in the curricula of schools and universities

Darwinism occupies an official place in the curricula of schools and universities in just about every country of the world today. Scientific facts are ignored, and even distorted, and misused, in an effort to use them in favor of evolution, as this outdated theory is kept propped up for ideological reasons.
The fact remains that the theory of evolution is unable to explain how the first living cell or even a single protein could have formed. Not one single transitional form fossil showing that life forms are descended from one another has ever been found from among the more than 350 million fossils discovered to date. If the myths of evolution are to be taught in schools, these facts revealed by science must also be taught. Children and young people need to be educated with the facts revealed by 21st-century science, not pagan teachings left over from Sumerian times.
Yet the Darwinist d…

Before You Regret

Before You Regret...