The hadith referring to ISIS, that black banners would appear from the East

The hadith referring to ISIS, that black banners would appear from the East (June, 2014)

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Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversations on A9TV dated June 12th, 2014

(Hadith): Our Prophet (saas) told; “Black banners of Ibn Abbas appear from the East.” That is to say, among the Arabs those with black banners appear.

After they proceed for a while, again this time a smaller group with black banners appear from the East (the Middle East). They fight against a man from the descend of Abu Sufyan and come under the obedience of Hazrat Mahdi.” Who is Sufyan? Assad. Hafez Assad. Notice that it is said “...fighting against someone from the descend of Sufyan”, see how clear it is, right? “They come under the obedience of Hazrat Mahdi.” At the end, they abide by Hazrat Mahdi (as). Otherwise if that power were leaderless, that would devastate the world but because they will come under the obedience of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the problem would be settled.

First al-Qaida’s black flags appeared, the big black banners. Now, they are smaller, again from East, “...this time small black banners appear and fighting against someone from the descend of Sufyan”, right now this is already happening, “...they come under the obedience of Hazrat Mahdi.”

I said everything is related with Hazrat Mahdi (as), and they feigned ignorance about it. 

(Hadith) [Another hadith] “Await for the reappearance of the awaited one on three occasions.” Notice that our Prophet (saas) says, “Await for the reappearance of the awaited one on three occasions.” “He was asked what those three occasions are:” “Our Prophet (saas) replied: Syrians fight among themselves” This is the first one. "There is a fight among the Syrians. Many groups in Syria can’t get along, the they fight. “When black flags arrive” and “when there is terror and fear in the month of Ramadan” How many days left to the month of Ramadan now? So they are all true.

Our Prophet (saas) tells the truth.

(Hadith) “Related from Muhammad ibn Hanaffiya:” Muhammad ibn Hanaffiya is my grandfather as you know in the lineage. He is the son of Hazrat Ali. My lineage goes back to him. “Black flags will appear. Then another group of black banners with black caps and white dresses will appear.” As you may have noticed, they all have black caps. They wear black and their clothes are white but they have black caps. “They will defeat Sufyan’s friends.” Right now Sufyan has already been defeated. Syria is razed to the ground. “Ultimately they will arrive at Bayt Al-Muqaddas, and they will prepare the governance for Hazrat Mahdi (as).”

Whatever our Prophet (saas) foretold, they all come true.

Our Prophet (saas) foretold that as as a portent of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) appearance, Iraq would be divided into three.

Kirkuk came entirely under the grip of Peshmerga. Kurds are celebrating [this incident]. It seems that Iraq is being technically divided into three: Kurdistan, Sunni and Shia.

Our Prophet (saas) says that Iraq would be divided in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), as a portent of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). I wrote this 25 years ago in my book. That Iraq would be divided into three.

ISIS wants the devastation of Iraq like Syria

Barack Obama said that he does not exclude any group in providing help to Iraq. In case any security concerns related to his country arise, they are ready for military intervention. The rooting of such a radical structure in Syria and Iraq is not in favor of the USA.

Obama must start explaining the issue of the system of the Mahdi. He should not wait until radicalism harms him. They always avoid it. What can they accomplish by avoidance? Radicalism is getting hold of them.

What they mean by intervention is launching airstrikes. Not sending any troops there. 

Air strikes are what ISIS wants. Syria ruined its own country. ISIS also wants Iraq to ruin its own country. They want the devastation of buildings; that destruction already devastates the people in the spiritual sense. The people leave the city and they acquire a spirit of war.

Those who assume Islam to be a lifestyle peculiar to ISIS cause harm to Islam

They assume Islam to be a cruel religion made up of ugly women and men, a religion ordering the chopping up of people, shooting them with machine guns as ISIS does, preventing people from going out, depriving them of their freedom. This mindset does not allow women to laugh, or to use perfume. They have devastated Islam with this mindset. We are trying to purge this scourge. We are cleansing what you ruin. 

I have said many times that the solution to radical Islam is the system of the Mahdi

Almighty God adorns Turkey day by day. The number of mosques are increasing. The Islamic communities are expanding. But [first and foremost] Almighty God started to make us feel the existence of the system of Mahdi clearly. I said that radical Islam, that is the kind of Islam based on the hadith, would choke you and you won't be able to cope with it. They did not care at all. They are now terrified. Radicalism is snowballing all over the world now. This scourge will end only by the system of the Mahdi.

The appearance of the ones with black banners is a portent and Hazrat Mahdi (as). In the hadith collections there are hundreds of hadith referring to them. The appearance of black banners, and they all come about as it is related.

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  1. But Question, wait a minute! It is also said, if you see this Army you should pledge allegiance to them even if you had to crawl on ice, because this would be the army that would by the Will of Allah give victory to Islam. ( Why is that part not touched upon ??)

    1. @ Semphz Jukka, The "black flag army" that we should pledge allegiance to is the army from Khurasaan ( Afghanistan) . The true Islamic resistance that is fought againts NATO in Afghanistan. That army we need to pledge allegiance to. The "black flag army" ( ISIS ) that i skilling muslims in Syria adn Iraq is Khawarij. We should condemn them and fight against them, because in Shariah you are supposed to protect lives of innocent people not kill them.

    2. Al-Qaida, TTP and ISIS all are same who did bloodshed. Imam Mahdi will never shed blood according to many Hadiths.

      Only northern part of Afghanistan (Taliqan Provenance) is Khurasan. Main Khurasan is between Taliqan and Caspian Sea i,e, place of Turkic people which is called Transoxania.

      Our Prophet says...

      “A man (Hazrat Mahdi will appear from Transoxania,He will be called Al-Haris ibn al-Harras.”

      What is Transoxania? The place where the Mahdi’s ancestors lived. The Caucasus region, region where Turks live. “Haris, meaning Lion, son of the lion, in other words. Turkic people are khurasani people who will pledge allegiance with Imam Mahdi. See in more detail....

    3. The army coming from Khurasan is the Iranian army who are Imam Mahdi Shia! Khurasan was the name of the province under the same name and including a part of Afghanistan.
      Like to know what Khamaneie would do if this hadith is true. Many Shia Scholars will oppose Mahdi and I suppose he would be one of them.

    4. Transoxiana (also spelled Transoxania), known in Arabic and Persian sources as Mawarannahr (Arabic: ماوراء النهر‎), is the ancient name used for the portion of Central Asia corresponding approximately with modern-day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, southern Kyrgyzstan and southwest Kazakhstan. Geographically, it is the region between the Amu Darya (Ancient Greek: Ώξος Ōxos) and Syr Darya rivers.[1] The area had been known to the Greeks as Transoxania (Land beyond the Oxus), to the Arabs as Mawarannahr (Land Beyond the River), and to the Iranians as Turan, a term used in the Persian national epic Shahnameh.[2]

      The region was one of the satrapies of the Achaemenid dynasty of Persia under the name Sogdiana.

      Ibn Khaldun and al-Qurtubi record:

      “Hazrat Mahdi (علیہ السلام) will come from the Mashriq (the East), Khorasan (the area to the west of the Caspian Sea) and the Amu Darya (these being regions inhabited by the Turks).”
      (Macdonald, Encyclopedia of Islam, 7:478)

      Our Prophet says

      “A man (Hazrat Mahdi will appear from Transoxania,” What is Transoxania? The place where the Mahdi’s ancestors lived. The Caucasus region, region where Turks live. “He will be called Al-Haris ibn al-Harras.” Haris, meaning Lion, son of the lion, in other words.”

      "MAN CALLED AL-HARITH IBN HARRATH (LION) WILL COME FORTH FROM MA WARA AN-NAHR (TRANSOXANA). His army will be led by a man called Mansur who will establish or consolidate things for Muhammad's family as Quraysh consolidated them for the Messenger of Allah (saas). Every believer must help him."

      (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 36, 4277;Narrated Ali ibn AbuTalib;At-Taj al-jami' lil 'usul fi ahadith al-Rasul, Mansur 'Ali Nasif, Vol. 5, p. 617)

  2. There are different Hadiths about black flags. According to one Hadith army of black flags will kill Muslims so that nobody had killed Muslims in history. According to other Hadiths Auwlias (friends of Allah) holding black flags will pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi to stop bloodshed in middle east. They will not kill any innocent Muslims. They are different armies having different objectives... killing or peace...

  3. any way there is also some group of muslim in hadith who conquer india and other group will join imam
    we pakistanis are from first group who will conquer india wiyh atomic power because we are Allah super power and the muslims conquer india will go in heaven directly

    1. The group who will conquer India (hind) and Pakistan (sindh) peacefully will be group of Imam Mahdi (as) and Hazrat Isa (as). They will be from old Shaam (Levant - Area of Syria, Jordan & Turkey) - Insha'Allah

      Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) says that, one day Hazoor (S.A.W.) said while talking about India(Hindustan);

      ‘Surely, your one troop would fight with Hind (India) & Allah would Bless those Warriors(Mujahid) with success, that they would bring the leaders (corrupt politicians) of Sindh (Pakistan) in fetters, Allah would forgive the Warriors. Then, when they would return, they would find Isa Ibn-e-Maryam(A.S.) in Syria”.

      Hazrat Abu Hurairah(R.A.) spoke:
      ‘If I get that Ghazwa, then would participate in it by selling all my old & new goods. When Allah would give us success, then we would come back & I would be a freed Abu Hurairah, who would come in Syria and would meet Hazrat Isa Ibn-e-Maryam(A.S.) there. O Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H.) ! that time, I would be in a deep desire to tell him by going close to him that I have the honour of having the company of Muhammad(P.B.U.H.).
      The narrator tells that: Muhammad S.A.W. smiles by listening this.

  4. Isa ibn Maryam is already here.

  5. These Ahadis's can have several interpretations..till the time is near and events are clearer.As for corroborating black flags of Khurasan with Iranians I think that is faulty interpretation.In our prophet's(saw) time Persia and Khurasan were separate territories.If the prophet wanted to say Persia he could have said so clearly and not Khurasan.Khurasan then was depicted as some portion of Iran,all of Afghanistan and western portion of Pakistan.

    1. Main Khurasan is area between Taliqan (Northern Afghanistan) and Caspian Sea including some part of Iran i,e, the place of Turkic people which is called Transoxania which is mentioned in hadith. Our Prophet says...

      “A man (Hazrat Mahdi will appear from Transoxania, He will be called Al-Haris ibn al-Harras.”

      Any part of Pakistan is not included in Khurasan today and also at Prophet's time. Both Sindh and Khurasan are mentioned in hadith separately.

      Sindh was in Pakistani Area in 750 CE and Khurasan was in Persia (King Zulqurnain combined Khurasan and Faris into Persia)...

      These areas in 610 AD...

      In 565 AD....

    2. Black Flags are Al-Qaida and ISIS. they come under the obedience of Hazrat Mahdi in future and they will drop their weapons, Insha'Allah, because Hazrat Mahdi will be anti bloodshed. He will come to stop bloodshed.

  6. where are the sources to those hadith


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