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Sayyid Abdulhakim Arvasi: The British deep state is the greatest enemy of Islam

Sayyid Abdulhakim Arvasi: The British deep state is the greatest enemy of Islam.
ADNAN OKTAR: Sayyid Abdulhakim Arvasi was one the last scholars of the Ottoman era and the teacher of Hüseyin Hilmi Işık, Mehmet Şevket Eygi, Necip Fazıl and many others. He says, "The British deep state is the greatest enemy of Islam. If we are to liken Islam to a tree, other unbelievers cut down this tree the first chance they get and make an enemy of Muslims; but one day, that tree may sprout again. That is not the case for the British deep state; it tends, grows the tree and Muslims like it for this. But at night, it poisons the tree's roots without anyone noticing." Look, it is a hypocritical move. "Thus, the tree withers and never sprouts again." This is the same scheme carried against the Gülen movement. "It deceives Muslims by feigning sympathy. By poisoning Islam in this way, the British deep state buys the local ignoble hypocrites off in return for carnal desires such…

Hazrat Mahdi's reign over the world in the End Times signifies our Prophet's (saas) reign over the world

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 25th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: "(Oh Muhammad!) They will ask you about Dhul-Qarnayn," says God in the Quran, which is apparently an important question. "Say: I will tell you something about him.’ This means that it concerns us. Look, "you," says God, "I will tell you something about him." "Indeed," says God, laying an emphasis. "We gave him power and authority," says God, in other words, a strong authority. God says, "I granted him military, political, and all sorts of authority." "...on the earth," in this world. "...and granted him a way to everything." A way to everything. (Surah al-Kahf, 83-84) God does not refer to a prophet here; He refers to a regular man. And some people ask, "God did not grant the authority and power to Hazrat Muhammad (saas) but to Dhu’l-Qarnayn, is that so?" Yes, that is so; God says so in the ver…

Technologies in Paradise

Everything in the world is created within a cause-effect system. In heaven, there will be no causes. In heaven, there are speedboats, race cars and else one might wish. God says ‘whatever you wish, you will get it in heaven’.
There are seas, lakes, rivers in heaven, and all sorts of boats.
In heaven, the technology will be much more advanced compared to the world.
There are clear references to television, internet technologies in the hadiths of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
Our Prophet (pbuh) gave extensive details about the events of Mahdi’s time, including the names of relevant people.