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Hypocrites are like dust on a believer communities. It goes away leaving believers shining with holy light

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites are like dust on a believer community. When a believer takes a shower, all the grime disappears, right? He gets fresh and clean right?  He washes away the grime with soap and it goes away right, he gets healthy. And you ask, "Why doesn't the dirt stay?" Believers are clean, purified, they cannot live with dirt. He washes the dirt and dirt disappears. The hypocrite is washed away and the believer remains like a divine light. Otherwise, there would not be such cleanliness. EMRE ACAR: Sir; God gives an example of the separation of  gold and a bubble. Might God be referring to this fact? ADNAN OKTAR: Sure. In a narrated hadith he says, silver, in another one he says gold. It is also said in the verses. In the verse, it is clearly said that “It disappears as separated from the dross". Furthermore, "they resemble debris floating on the river", he says. "They shake at a bend and vanish", he says "in a bend". Water rapidly…

Lucy Deceit

"Lucy" is a fossil that Donald Johanson discovered in 1973. Its scientific name, Australopithecus afarensis, derives from the Afar region of Ethiopia, where it was discovered. For years, Lucy was portrayed as the missing link in the human evolution sequence. However, it no longer enjoys that earlier esteem in evolutionist sources, thanks to the latest scientific findings.
The fact Australopithecus can no longer be regarded as the ancestor of human beings was the cover story for the May 1999 edition of the well-known French scientific journal Science et Vie. Under the heading "Adieu Lucy [Goodbye to Lucy],"  the text described why, based on a new Australopithecus finding known as St W573, Australopithecus apes needed to be removed from the human family tree:
A new theory states that the genus Australopithecus is not the root of the human race. . . The results arrived at by the only woman authorized to examine St W573 are different from the normal theories regarding ma…

In Torah, it is said that in the year when the Moshiach (Hazrat Mahdi) appears, the Persian King shall provoke the Arab King into a war

In Torah, it is said that in the year when the Moshiach (Hazrat Mahdi) appears, the Persian King shall provoke the Arab King into a warFroman Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar on September 26th, 2015, on A9 TV
ADNAN OKTAR: In the 13th Century, Rabbi Yitzhak explains the Torah as follows: Look, it was centuries ago. In the year when the King Moshiach (Hazrat Mahdi) appears, kings of all countries shall fight with each other. The Persian King, (the Iranian regime) shall provoke "...the Arab King into a war." The Arab King shall go to Aram, " Damascus and around" to get advice from them. Look, he shall go. "All nations of the world will be in turmoil and terror. They shall fall on their faces and shall be suffering as if they are seized by something like labour pains." For example, Saudi Arabia is being provoked into [military action in] Muslim countries by Iran; Iran and Saudia Arabia are provoking each other. Brothers are crushing each other. However, bot…

Growing old is unavoidable


THE destructive effects of the passage of years are observable in one’s own body. As the years go by, the body, the most precious possession a human being has, goes through an irreversible process of destruction. The changes a human being experiences throughout his life are recounted in the Qur’an as follows: “It is Allah Who created you in a state of (helpless) weakness, then gave (you) strength after weakness, then, after strength, gave (you) weakness and a hoary head: He creates as He wills, and it is He Who has all knowledge and power.” (Qur’an, 30:54)
The later years of life are the times most neglected in the future plans of an adult, except in the anxious process of saving for old-age pensions. Indeed, being too close to death, people usually develop a hesitant approach to this period. When someone tries to talk about old age, others feel concerned and attempt to change this “unpleasant” topic as soon as possible. The routine …