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The Mahdi (pbuh) will pass away nine years after the reign of the morality of Islam

An excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on February 9th, 2015, on A9 TV

- (Viever’s question): “The Mahdi (as) is of my lineage, if his life were long or short, he would live [to rule] for seven, eight or nine years.” Mr. Adnan Oktar, is this hadith authentic?
Of course it is authentic, “seven or nine years.” How? Along with the reign of morality of Islam over the world. Once Islam reigns over the world, the meaning of the system of Mahdi and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be over because the purpose is already accomplished. See, there is a flood of blood all over, before Hazrat Mahdi’s appearance. Millions of people die before the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi. But when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, the purpose is accomplished. Then his life also reaches its purpose. Then it is time for him to meet his Lover. That is why God keeps the reign of Islam short, seven or nine years. Then the hadith narrates, “He passes away suddenly in his vehicle.” Possibly while he is going somewhere, “...he passes awa…

Thunder glorifies His praise

HARUN YAHYA Published — Friday 10 April 2015
Three billion thunders a year… a source of energy that moves at a speed of 96,000 km per hour and releases 30,000 degrees of heat.

Have you ever thought how thunder, one of the most magnificent atmospheric incidents that Allah creates, is formed and how it is capable of releasing such a high amount of energy?

During rainfall, thunder and lightning that are made up of bright lights forming in the course of atmospheric discharge of electricity are in fact energy resources producing more electricity than thousands of power plants; besides being a climatic phenomenon. The answer to the questions of how these natural energy sources are formed and how powerful they give out light and heat is a wonder of creation revealing the Ever-Lasting Might and Glory of Our Lord.

A magnificence forming in a split second The energy released by a single lightning bolt is greater than the energy produced in all powe…

Red Terror raising its head

HARUN YAHYA Published — Saturday 11 April 2015
In countries that have to live with terrorism, suicide bombings, raids on government offices and ambushes of soldiers in rural areas are not uncommon sights. However, every time these things happen, society is shaken once again like the first time. Those countries that have to live with terrorism are more sensitive about their people, principles and values.
Turkey has had to live with terrorism for the past 40 years. There might be some who believe there was only the PKK. It wasn’t. Turkey has witnessed the cowardly attacks of other terrorist groups while the PKK continued its assault during the past four decades. One of those organizations is the DHKP-C (The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front), which was officially founded in 1994 even though it goes back to 1970s.
The DHKP-C was more active in the 90s, but lost its power and influence over time. Then last week we were suddenly reminded…

Hirsi Ali and her errors


Harun Yahya, Istanbul, Turkey

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose book, "Heretic : Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now?", was recently published, rose to fame through her undiluted opposition to Islam. 
Born in Somalia, Hirsi lived a difficult childhood that included her being subjected to female circumcision and a forced marriage.
Later, she filed for asylum with the Netherlands and was accepted in a record two weeks due to her difficult situation.
It was then that her metamorphosis started.
With her introduction to Western society, she changed her name, her appearance, her faith, and became a staunch anti-Islamic figure. She was a welcome addition to anti-Islamic circles that were using every opportunity to incite tensions against Muslims.
So much so that she entered the Dutch parliament with an anti-immigration party, secured book deals, appeared on CNN, wrote for Time magazine and was named one of the top 100 influent…

Marriage should be made for God and should be based on love and compassion

Marriage should be made for God and should be based on love and compassion

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on March 14th, 2015

Some people are honest and some are not. You live for the consent of God, but some people only seek to strike it rich; some people hunt for husbands and marriage. They so hope to find a fool to saddle on. I’m saying this only for some people with that kind of rationale, seeking an opportunity to saddle on. This is very humiliating. Marriage should be for love, mercy, compassion and for God. It should not be with a mentality like, “Let me find a fool to saddle on.” And some want to saddle on as a family and that’s even worse. Some young men are also like that, seeking for a rich girl to become a son-in-law living in his wife's parents' house for free food and all. I’ve seen such men; they are very strange. You’d pity them. They are in their pyjamas and slippers going after his parents in-law, “My dear father, my dear mother.” People despi…

Adopt my faith, or die

Bigotry: The Dark Danger

“Adopt my faith, or die!” That is the slogan of the fanatics. There is no such concept as democracy, freedom of ideas, love, respect, affection, friendship or altruism in fanaticism. Some people imagine that fanaticism, and its offshoot radicalism, can settle inside a true faith. Yet fanaticism is itself a religion; there are representatives of the religion of fanaticism inside every idea. There are fanatics in Islam, in Judaism and in Christianity, just as there are in Marxism, fascism and atheism. They all espouse the same false faith; “I don't like your ideas! Either go along with my ideas, or die!”

Using Incirlik airbase to target Muslims will be murder

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on March 15th, 2015

- Turkish and US military officials agreed to deploy armed drones to İncirlik Airbase to strike IS targets.
Adnan Oktar: - Don’t they dare. Don’t they even think about it. Even saying something like this is outrageous. That would be murder. A Muslim cannot kill a Muslim, and if he does, he’ll be a murderer. Instigating murder, being an accomplice to it, it is all murder. Don't they dare. This is completely unacceptable. IS is a Muslim community. They have faults, they make mistakes, but they are Muslim youngsters. Killing them, bombing them would be murder, whoever does it. And God says that the punishment for murder is eternal hell. You don't know if the person you are bombing actually committed a crime. There are children, women, innocent people on the ground. Who do you think you are bombing with those drones? Turkey cannot be an accomplice to such a murder. Don't they even dare try to test the waters with…

Pakistan’s superstitions

Pakistani teachers are now armed and enter classes carrying weapons. Students are taught to use weapons and defuse bombs by the police A 12-year-old student solves a mathematical equation on a blackboard in an ordinary school. The teacher looks on with a serious expression, while the other students silently take notes. A Kalashnikov rifle and spare cartridge clips lie on the teacher’s desk. This is not a scene from some dystopian fantasy film, just a snapshot from a day in the life of an ordinary educational institution in Pakistan. Pakistani teachers are now armed and enter classes carrying weapons. Students are taught to use weapons and defuse bombs by the police. This is the result of a bloody attack by the Taliban on a school in Peshawar in the last days of 2014. Of the victims ruthlessly slaughtered in this attack by the Taliban, 132 were innocent schoolchildren. The scale of this particular atrocity led to it being described as Pakistan’s September 11th. It was said to be a repris…