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The PKK's claim to be laying down its arms is simply a deception

The PKK has been martyring our soldiers and other citizens, making no exceptions for women and children, since 1984. In the more than 80,000 terror attacks it has perpetrated to date, it has cost the lives of more than 40,000 of our citizens. Now, however, there is the claim that, ‘The PKK will lay down its arms.’ Will it really lay them down? The answer to that is clear. No. The PKK will not give up its arms. The PKK is a Marxist-Leninist, Stalinist terror organization. Weapons are the reason for its existence. Without its weapons, there is no PKK. Therefore, the PKK will never disarm without changing its ideology and its mindset. This is not the first time that the idea of the PKK laying down its arms has been on the agenda; the PKK has declared numerous ceasefires before and announced that it is laying down its weapons, as a tactic to gain time. None of these declarations were sincere. All the PKK’s declarations of ceasefires and calls to lay down its arms have been deceptions! The PKK f…

Freedom lies in God’s embrace


DESPITE the worldwide campaign against it and the atrocious crimes of radicals that add to the effect, Islam is spreading fast and strong. From the pubs of the United Kingdom to the towns of Brazil, people of all ages, genders and backgrounds embrace this beautiful faith at an increasing pace.
But, why?
Islam has a striking simplicity. Despite the numerous sects that have emerged over the course of centuries, all attempting to complicate it, the Islam described in the Quran is beautifully plain and, for this, gives the utmost freedom to people.
It teaches people that there is only one God and it is only He that they will answer to.
The implication in this is profound. While the majority of the world today is bound by thousands of different rules and people’s opinions of what is right and wrong, a person who submits to God is immediately freed from his chains. No longer does he have to work to meet the description of the ideal ch…

Ways of encouraging believers to do good

A BELIEVER considers having certain human obligations toward not just the people around him, but to the society on the whole.

That responsibility is instrumental in everyone living in the awareness of Islamic moral values. People are free to choose the lifestyle they like but since they are unacquainted with Allah and Islamic moral values, the majority may choose irreligion. Many of them may make mistakes or be unable to resolve their problems because they do not know religious moral values.

There may be millions of people leading unhappy and hopeless lives because they are unfamiliar with the commandments our Lord has revealed in the Qur’an. The responsibility toward these masses that Allah places on believers means they can teach them about Islamic moral values and then make their own choices because since believers are aware of the verses of the Qur’an, they know how the problems that these people cannot resolve can be settled. It is therefore a religious obligation for those who kno…

Why did the Ottoman empire collapse?

BÜLENT SEZGİN: Daily Yeni Safak columnist Yusuf Kaplan wrote about the Pope’s and the European Union’s statements condemning the so-called Armenian ‘genocide’ with the words ‘The Crusaders are back’. He said, ”100 years on, the imperialists are trying to stop and drown Turkey before it can stand up, because it is seen as the only hope for the region. Those who stopped the Ottoman in the past, are trying to strike Turkey for the same reasons, as they fear Turkey will carry on with the mission of the Ottomans.”
ADNAN OKTAR: This has got nothing to do with the Ottomans. They were left behind in everything, in science, in art, in aesthetics. They were completely Orthodox, complete tradition-followers. There was no science, no art, no life. So God decided that Ottoman Empire should come to an end. It wasn't the Westerners. The Westerners merely followed the orders of God. God destroyed it. “When We desire to destroy a city, We send a command to the affluent in it and they become deviant…