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Jesus Messiah will not come with a prophethood duty, he will come as a subject of the Qur’an

ADNAN OKTAR: "When he bows his head, water drips, when he lifts it, beads like silver pearls roll down his hair." This is Jesus Messiah. "Water drips from his hair even though it does not come into contact with any water." Abu Dawood. I will talk about what the water on his head means later, insha'Allah. Look, "His hair is wet even though it did not come into contact with any water." We will talk about what that water means in another conversation. Our Prophet (saas) puts quite an emphasis on this subject. He deems it significant. This must mean it has a vital importance. Jesus Messiah has a thin waist, while Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has a bulky body overall. "His face is pure and bright," says Al-Nabawi Ibn-Hajar. "His face looks red as if he just got out of a bath house," says al-Bukhari. "He has a calm and lively expression. His mouth and nose have a perfect beauty." He has a small, nice, uptur…