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The deep sea bacteria dating back to 23 billion years reproves the non-existence of evolution

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 04th, 2015

- American scientists found a type of deep sea micro-organism which is 2.3 billion years old. They studied this creature with a laser scanning microscope and found that this is exactly the same as a micro-organism found on the shores of south America in 2007.   Scientific websites announced the news as “Biologists find deep sea sulphur-bacteria, which did not evolve in 2.3 billion years” So there is no such thing called evolution. According to what the evolutionists claim, those bacteria should have been a handsome boy by now ir it should have been an elephant or something. There is no change. It is  very strong evidence, which fundamentally destroys the theory of evolution . We should announce this news repeatedly on our broadcasts. The number of wise people is rising day by day. In the past, the world was being run by weak-minded people. It’s not the case now. The emergence of the internet all…

Adnan Oktar’s statement about Jordanian pilot’s execution

Adnan Oktar’s statement about Jordanian pilot’s execution
Factories in Jordan are producing hellfire missiles and using them on Muslims
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 13th, 2015
- A relative of the Jordanian pilot issued a statement. He said that the killing of the pilot took place in a planned manner and that the images were equally good as Hollywood films. He added that the execution exceeded the organization’s means and there were obviously other groups involved. He said that the aim of the organization is to ‘blacken Islam’ (surely Islam is beyond that). 
Adnan Oktar: IS thinks it is serving Islam. The king of Jordan also thinks he is serving Islam by hanging members of ISIL. One kills by hanging and says, ‘I killed better.’ The other kills by burning and says, ‘I killed better.’ There is a contest of barbarity. There is nothing to be proud of in that. This scourge can only come to an end with the Mahdi. The Islamic scholars who prete…

What is the difference between Islam as advocated by ISIS and the Islam we preach?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 05th, 2015
There is the kind of Islam advocated by ISIS and the Islam as we preach it. All the world embraces the Islam that we preach but the world responds to the Islam preached by ISIS via airstrikes. This is not the kind of Islam that people can live by but the Islam as we preach will save the world. There is love, there is peace, there is brotherhood, there is goodness, beauty, arts, aesthetics. Women are made as pearls in men’s crowns, women are free, kids are free, young boys are free, there is joy everywhere. But in the traditionalist, ultra-orthodox conception of Islam, everything is grave, everywhere is a place of torment, having just enough to keep body and soul together, it is the other name of devastation; [According to this mindset] everyday one needs to go to suffering, through afflictions, in many cases filth is everywhere. Pain and agony have infiltrated all the grounds. Laughter is banne…

Satan is setting Israel and Palestine against one another and who wants bloodshed. They need to stand up against that

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated January 28th, 2015
Last week Israel carried out a rocket attack against a convoy containing Syrian and Iranian commanders and killed 5 senior Hezbollah commanders. This week, Hezbollah carried out a missile attack against Israel. It targeted an Israeli convoy with an anti-tank missile. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and 7 injured. Israel then declared the area north of the Lebanese border a war zone. Adnan Oktar: See, there is going to be bloodshed again. These people start spilling blood when satan provokes them. Satan says, ‘I want blood.’ People start shedding blood when they are mildly provoked. You live in a lovely land, so do not behave so extremely. Do not do it. What is the reason for all this excess? The land is empty. You go 50 km without seeing anyone. So why all this rage and rancor? The land is big enough for everyone. Being a Jew means being loyal to 3000 years of tradition since the Prophet Moses o…

In the system of antichrist inciting to crime and then sentencing to death is oppression

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 11th, 2015

"Dear Mr. Adnan Oktar, I have read your articles that argue against the death penalty in the world. Some of my friends object to this. They claim that arguing against the death penalty is contrary to the teachings of Islam. They maintain that as per God’s commands death penalty can be practiced on those who commit inhuman crimes and they can be responded by retaliation. They suggest that God’s commands on this matter cannot be changed. I am waiting for your response on this subject."
Okay fine, Islam is not prevalent in the world. But in the system of antichrist if you practice death penalty, then you become the helper of antichrist. That is to say, you will get to help oppression. Since Islam is not ruling in the world right now. If Islam would be ruling in the world, no one would commit a crime that would necessitate the implementation of death penalty. There will be no such life. Darwinist and…

Hazrat Mahdi (as) will leave his homeland and family and communicate the morality of the Qur'an

In another hadīth, he said: “Glad tidings to you of the Mahdī from the progeny of Fātimah! He will appear in the west and fill the world with justice.” It was asked: “O Messenger of God! When will it (his appearance) be?” He said: “It will be at the time when judges would receive bribes while the people become debauchees.” It was asked: “What will be the characteristics of the Mahdī?” He said: “HE WILL BE SEPARATED FROM HIS FAMILY AND RELATIVES; HE WILL BE AWAY FROM HIS HOMELAND AND LIVE FAR FROM HOME.” (Iqāq al-aqq, vol. 19, p. 679.) Video: “O the Messenger of God! When will Mahdi appear?” As you see they [Companions of our Prophet] continuously ask [him]. He said : “It will be at the time when judges would receive bribes while the people become debauchees.” It was asked: “What will be the characteristics of the Mahdi?” He said, “He will be separated from his family and relatives.” He will be all alone. He will leave his homeland. He will come to Istanbul from a city and he will live…

The name of the new danger in the Middle East : ISIL

OUR PROPHET (SAAS) FORETOLD THAT IN THE MIDDLE EAST A SEDITION (FITNAH) THAT WOULD THREATEN MUSLIMS’ LIVES AND POSSESSIONS WOULD APPEAR Both the blood and possessions of (Muslims) will be considered lawful as (loot). It will shake the world like the waves in the sea. No one will find any refuge. (This sedition) will arise from Shaam and spread all over Iraq...
...If they stop the problem in one region, it will appear from another place. 
(Nuaym b. Hammad)  Both the blood and possessions of (Muslims) will be considered lawful as (loot).… Today in Syria and Iraq, ISIS murders Muslims of various Islamic schools and seizes their possessions. These incidents show that what our Prophet (saas) foretold 1,400 years ago come to pass exactly as  he foretold. ISIS  carries out its activities in Syria and Iraq and massacres  innocent people in the region because they are not Sunnis and ruthlessly seizes their possessions and houses. God makes it unlawful to kill or seize people’s possessions. 2 It will sh…

France should act in a rational way and refrain from moves that may cause incidents like Paris attacks

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 15th, 2015 Some actions are committed so that bomb attacks against Muslims can take place. The cartoonists are shot first, then the bombings start. But this will cost France dearly. It must pull itself together. The bloodshed will multiply ten-fold. They must abandon this lack of logic. They must approach people with love and reason and dialogue. They must stop this disgraceful behavior. Some evangelical members of the CFR are logically totally inconsistent and propose totally false ideas. While other members of the CFR are very rational. I have invited some of them here, and they will be arriving in the days ahead. But those who think that bloodshed can solve any problem are badly mistaken. The Gospel is all about love. It tells people to treat their neighbors well, and to turn the right cheek if one is struck on the left. These are the words of the Prophet Jesus. You must be full of love. How can problems be solve…