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Before You Regret

Before You Regret...

Kenneth Keathley: Why Different Views on Creation of the Earth Does Not Contradict Creation of Adam As Complete Human Being?

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There are different views in the Christian belief on the Creation of the Earth. But you do not see this as a problem – as long as one accepts that Adam is created as a complete human being by God.  Is this correct? And can we interpret this view, as opinions may differ in some details, as long as  it is not the theory of evolution? And in Christian belief – in any kind of interpretation – there  is no place that living beings are formed out of non-living things by coincidences?
Well, I am an Evangelical Christian. And so the answer I’m going to give, I’m speaking as someone who is an Evangelical Christian. Prior to the 1960’s most Evangelical Christians held to an old earth understanding of the universe. There was a book published by Henry Morris and John Witcomb called ‘The Genesis Flood’ which argued very strongly for the young earth position and as a result many Evangelical Christians today argue and hold to the young earth view.
So I do think that one can hold…

Only a small portion of the persecution on Rohingya in Arakan

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"What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of Allah — for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, ´Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!? " Surat An-Nisa, 75

We Should Want the Unity of Islam As a Nation

July 11 th 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: Egypt is paralyzed. There is no industry and tourism. Nothing is left. It is paralyzed. If there is no art or love but there is suffering, terror and hopelessness in a place, than there won’t be industry, wealth or happiness. Let me tell you, there is nothing left. Help as much as you want; that’s like giving blood to a dead person. Even if you give one thousand liters of  blood, he won’t rise from the dead. In order to rise from the dead, there must be the Mahdi(as), Jesus Christ(pbuh), Islamic Union. There isn’t any other way out of this. July 13th 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: They should use a language that embraces all of the Islamic World. 
They must always speak of the Unity of Islam, the Islamic Union. “Let us free Egypt, let us free another country…” Rescuing only a region; God will create exiguousness, trouble and afflictions  with this. That is all that will happen. God knows better. 30 th April 2008: Al Baghdadi TV

Adnan Oktar:
The solution is the u…

God grants believers' every sincere wish

ADNAN OKTAR: I am speaking for myself when I say God granted me everything I wished from Him. In the Qur'an, God says, "Call on Me and I will answer you." This is true, it happens. This is truly astonishing. But most people do not anticipate the fact that there is such a system in place; they believe it would happen very quickly. For example, when people ask God, "O Lord, grant me wealth and prosperity, and I will spend them in Your name." When that is the case, God definitely grants them their wishes, making them unimaginably wealthy. But there is a detail here that should not be overlooked; God grants them their wishes and bestow wealth and prosperity upon them if they are sincere when they say, "O Lord, I will spend my wealth in Your name." If they attempt to spend the wealth God has granted them for their own pleasure, God takes away their wealth by making them spend it on myriad troubles He plagues them with.
Of course, one should not wish unreaso…

Does the soul age?

ADNAN OKTAR: Let’s hear another question.
KARTAL GÖKTAN: Mr. Yusuf has a question.
VTR: Hello, I am Yusuf. I meet with many elderly people and I want to ask about how we should treat the elderly?
ADNAN OKTAR: There is no such thing as elderly. There are only people whose organs are not in their best physical condition. For example, they cannot run or lift weight well. Or they have difficulty speaking or hearing. Otherwise, there is no such thing as elderly. The soul does not have an age. It does not age at all. Soul is eternal, so why would it age? It lasts eons without aging. It is the body that ages. Young people, too, can be physically older than their actual age. For this reason, it would be more proper to ask how one should treat people with diminished physical functions. For example, if they walk too slowly to cross the street, we can escort them. Such people might be in their seventeen or seventies or eighties; it does not make any difference. Or they might have sight, hearing or …