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Pakistan in the Taliban – Al Qaeda – ISIL Triangle


The US administration regarded Afghanistan’s coming under Soviet rule following the Soviet invasion in 1979 as against its own global interests, and began supporting and arming radical groups resisting the occupation. It accomplished this task to a large extent via the military and intelligence agencies of neighboring Pakistan.

The Growth of Radical Terror Following the Soviet Invasion

That tactic enjoyed considerable success in the fight against the occupation. Having suffered severe losses by the late 1980s, the Soviets eventually withdrew from Afghanistan. On the other hand, however, the seeds were sown for the radical terror groups that would come to represent a major problem for both Pakistan and Afghanistan and for much of the Islamic world.

The foundations for the climate of insecurity, instability, terror and turmoil that still persists today in the region were laid at t…

It is severe oppression to sentence Mohammed Morsi to death


Adnan Oktar: Let’s make a hashtag [in Twitter] regarding the  death penalty given to Morsi. Let our brothers support this hashtag. ‘NoToExecutionOfMorsi’. He is a believer, a Muslim person. He may have erred, he may be imperfect. But he makes this error within his belief. He may acted that way since he is a believer in orthodox, traditional belief [of Islam]. But he did not hang or butcher anyone, he did not seize someone’s property. Capital punishment would be oppression for him. Yes that hashtag ‘NoToExecutionOfMorsi’ is fine. Let’s demand world support for it. That would be deterrent. That is to say, seeing that the world is against the death penalty would make a positive effect on Egyptian government.

The Solution To Terror In Pakistan


By Harun Yahya Having been home to several civilizations, the nation known today as Pakistan is a country with a rich cultural and historical fabric. Its strategic importance is also growing by the day, as it stands at the intersection of the Middle East, and Central and Southeast Asia, which play such an important role in world politics, or in other words, along the world’s oil corridors. Yet since it harbors numerous ethnic communities that share a common Islamic faith but are not properly welded together, the country is also the scene of much conflict based on sectarian divisions. In particular, there is an unending power struggle between Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis and Pashtuns. Add to this the tensions caused by problems such as tribal affiliations, political and sectarian divisions and ethnicity, acts of terror by al-Qaeda and the Taliban, ongoing border disputes with India, the departure of what was Eas…

An unpredictable state of mind

HARUN YAHYA Published — Friday 8 May 2015
What is the underlying cause of the way that some people suddenly become infuriated or emotional and start weeping or behave in some unexpected way in the face of day-to-day events?

* Why is it essential to avoid falling prey to this disorder, which mainly damages the victim himself and is generally described as someone “having a hair trigger?”

* What must be done to free oneself from the condition?

Some people live their lives according to rules they themselves have invented. These people can easily make concessions regarding these rules when it comes to their own worldly desires. Because they have no guide who will direct the course of their lives, ensure they maintain a stable character, and whom they have a total belief. For that reason, their characters are prone to sudden variations. Among the distinguishing features of such people are, for instance, their suddenly slamming doors and acting…

The Effects of One-Sided Darwinist Education


By spreading the lie that there is no purpose to human life, Darwinist education turns people into psychologically sick individuals, pessimistic and psychopathic, devoid of all hope and joy.
One of the examples of this is the Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik admitted to perpetrating twin terror attacks in Norway on 22 July, 2011. One of these was a bomb attack on the government building in Oslo in which 8 people died. The other was an attack on a Labor party youth camp on the island of Utøya. Sixty-nine people lost their lives in that attack.
Before the attacks, Breivik set out his views in his ”European Independence Manifesto.” On page 1518, he stated that he regarded himself as a champion of the scientific world view and modern biology. Among the books he “most valued” was Charles Darwin's Origin of Species.1  According to Breivik, "a perfect Europe" must include the laws of…