People are trying to make Muslims get used to being cursed lately

People are trying to make Muslims get used to being cursed lately

People are trying to make Muslims get used to
being cursed lately

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April 17th, 2013

People are trying to make Muslims get used to being cursed lately. “We are going to curse at you, so get used to it,” they say. They say that is perfectly normal and they can swear how they like. ‘Where is the harm in that?’, ‘We have democracy’, and ‘that is what they do in Europe’, they say. ‘People swear at one another in Europe, so we can swear at you here’, they say. Look, my brother, we are not going to get used to it. I do not curse at anyone. And I do not want anyone to curse at me. If I swear at anyone, he can take me to court. That is his right. And if anyone swears at me, I will do the same. I do not want cursing and swearing. If they want to criticize, they can do that to their hearts’ content. Fifteen years ago and before, the newspapers carried the most unbelievable insults. Just about every day. We brought charges but never got anywhere. We would demand apologies, and the cases would drag on for a year or more. The other side would close it all down under the statute of limitations or something else. People would spread insults and the court cases would go on forever. They would have to apologize in 18 months, by which time they had forgotten about it while the insult had spread and grown and flourished. They rained insults down. But they cannot do that now. This is a blessing on the nation from the present government. They used to be able to hurl the most awful insults at us. They insulted whoever they saw, and there was nothing we could do about it. People were afraid of many journalists. They were afraid of being cursed and put down. People were terrified. People could be exposed to the most awful insults and slanders the moment they got up in the morning. There was nothing we could do about it. ‘Take slanderers to court’, they used to say. They would not even take your statement for a month. Then the case would begin several months after that, five or six months. Cases could last up to two and a half years. But not now. Muslims have their pride and honor and virtue. They do not allow themselves to be insulted. There is no law allowing that. Nobody can be insulted anywhere in the world. There is no such thing as a right to insult people. If you give people the right to insult others, then the rights to beat them and kill them will follow. They even cut Muslim’s throats, like sheep, in Muslim countries. In Europe, someone kills a dog by the side of the road and all Europe makes a huge outcry. But 40-50 people were martyred at the same time the other day in Iraq. Nobody even heard about it. They martyred 60-70 people at the same time in Afghanistan the other day. Nobody said a thing. In other words, people are less valuable than insects. They have got people used to that. Now they are trying to familiarize people with insults of all kinds. We will not allow them. That is unacceptable.

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