New Explanations by Mr. Adnan Oktar (28 January 2014)

“The Mahdi will conquer Constantinople.” “Jesus (pbuh) will descend from the skies and confess his (Mahdi’s) emirship.  Jesus will be asked to lead the prayer but he will respond saying; “The Emir is among you. This is a blessing of God to the community of Muhammad.”
Now how will we recognize Jesus (pbuh)?  We will recognize him from his words. That is because no one else can say this; it is not in their destiny. These are coded words; these are passwords in a sense. We will understand him from these code words.
When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing the morning prayer with the believers at the Bayt al-Maqdis [Jerusalem], he will introduce the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who has appeared, and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will place his hands on his shoulder and say, “The call to the prayer has been issued for you, so you must lead it,” and finally Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will lead the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the believers in prayer.
For instance, another code here is that it will happen while Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing morning prayers with the Muslims in Bayt al-Maqdis; while performing the morning prayers in Jerusalem. Now morning time is a code, it has to happen in the morning . The place; Bayt al-Maqdis, Jerusalem. The place where Jesus (pbuh) will be recognized should be Jerusalem. Mahdi (pbuh) will introduce the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who will descend from the skies at that time. He will say; “He should be Jesus (pbuh).”  Jesus will not say “I am Jesus.” He will say “Insha’Allah.”  They will say; “God knows the truth, you are Jesus (pbuh).” And the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will place his hands on his (Mahdi’s) shoulders. He places his hands on his shoulders and that is a code as well, that is a coded behavior. He will say; “The call to the prayer has been issued for you, so you must lead it.”  When Mahdi (pbuh) insists that he should lead the prayer, Jesus will first say; “The call to the prayer has been issued for you, so you should lead the prayer.” Mahdi (pbuh) initially takes a step forward but then retreats. And then Jesus Messiah says; as a treat from Almighty God; “You are the imam of the whole world. And I am a subject to you. And that is why you have the superiority of imamate. So you should be the one to lead the prayer.” He can only then persuade the Mahdi (pbuh), or else we see that there is a struggle in between them to push the other to the front by pushing his from his shoulders, etc. So much so that the discussion has exceeded the verbal limits and he pushes the Mahdi from his shoulders and eventually Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will lead the Muslims in prayer as their imam. Now here, both Mahdi (pbuh)’s position as the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah’s position as  Jesus Messiah is understood by the dominant assumption. That is because this happens only  once in destiny. All the codes foretold to us by our Prophet (saas) would then be confirmed, so we would be right by the dominant assumption.  However Mahdi (pbuh) will not say “I am the Mahdi” after this incident either, he would not let anyone call him the Mahdi, people would only carry good assumptions about him.  Also for Jesus Messiah (pbuh), we will say; “God knows the truth this is Jesus Messiah.”
Our Prophet (saas) says; “The Prophet Jesus Messiah would appear while his hair looks like water is dropping from his hair.” Now that also is a coded reference; this is a material code. That is because normally a person’s hair would not look like it's wet if it is not actually wet; it would be very hard to find such hair, it is one in a billion. When you touch his hair, his hair would be dry but would still look like it is dripping wet, there is an exaggerated wetness. That is miraculously surprising. And that is the evidence of Jesus Messiah. 
People will rush there in groups and everyone going there would gain abundance from him. What does abundance mean? An abundance comes to his soul, his body, his business. For instance, he would get even younger and more alive, his face becomes even more beautiful, his skin gets even more beautiful, his speech becomes even more beautiful, all his business starts to go on the way, he starts to get pleasure from life and feels happy. He feels an extraordinariness upon himself. Look what does our Prophet (saas) says; “Anyone visiting him will gain abundance from him. “ So people gain abundance from that blessed person.  


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