Why did the Ottoman empire collapse?

BÜLENT SEZGİN: Daily Yeni Safak columnist Yusuf Kaplan wrote about the Pope’s and the European Union’s statements condemning the so-called Armenian ‘genocide’ with the words ‘The Crusaders are back’. He said, ”100 years on, the imperialists are trying to stop and drown Turkey before it can stand up, because it is seen as the only hope for the region. Those who stopped the Ottoman in the past, are trying to strike Turkey for the same reasons, as they fear Turkey will carry on with the mission of the Ottomans.”

ADNAN OKTAR: This has got nothing to do with the Ottomans. They were left behind in everything, in science, in art, in aesthetics. They were completely Orthodox, complete tradition-followers. There was no science, no art, no life. So God decided that Ottoman Empire should come to an end. It wasn't the Westerners. The Westerners merely followed the orders of God. God destroyed it. “When We desire to destroy a city, We send a command to the affluent in it and they become deviant in it.”[Holy Quran 17:16] Those who are affluent, caused mischief and spread Darwinist/Materialist thought in the Ottoman Empire. Irreligion secretly became their official ideology  and that’s when God responded it with destruction. 

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV dated  April 26th, 2015 


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