Hypocrites are like dust on a believer communities. It goes away leaving believers shining with holy light

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites are like dust on a believer community. When a believer takes a shower, all the grime disappears, right? He gets fresh and clean right?  He washes away the grime with soap and it goes away right, he gets healthy. And you ask, "Why doesn't the dirt stay?" Believers are clean, purified, they cannot live with dirt. He washes the dirt and dirt disappears. The hypocrite is washed away and the believer remains like a divine light. Otherwise, there would not be such cleanliness.
EMRE ACAR: Sir; God gives an example of the separation of  gold and a bubble. Might God be referring to this fact?
ADNAN OKTAR: Sure. In a narrated hadith he says, silver, in another one he says gold. It is also said in the verses. In the verse, it is clearly said that “It disappears as separated from the dross". Furthermore, "they resemble debris floating on the river", he says. "They shake at a bend and vanish", he says "in a bend". Water rapidly flows. Look; unsullied water flows in its way, does it not? The water flows but "dross and trash on the water skid around the bend", he says. "They stay at the bend". It really happens in  rivers. They (dross and dirt) come together at the bend. However, unsullied water flows in its way. Like the water, believers cannot keep the dirt inside. The grime is always washed away. But he says, "How many times is it washed?" A believer takes a shower everyday. When necessary, he takes a shower three times a day. The dirt that is  the hypocrites is constantly washed  off the believers. The more it is washed away, the more refreshed and younger believers will get. What happens when one takes a shower? He feels refreshed, does he not? He is purified completely. It is [like that] the dirt that is  the hypocrites are washed away.


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