Sheikh Nazim al Qubrusi-al-Haqqani

Sheikh Nazim said about Harun Yahya in 1987

I do say May Almighty Allah give you the rank and station of Joseph (pbuh)… I pray that He will give you both that rank and that station. Almighty Allah has ordained seclusion for our brother Mr. Adnan to clothe him in the manifestation of the Prophet Joseph for the prayer…”
"When you read the Qur'an, read it with deliberation. Read every one of the verse of the Qur'an you will peruse, with total ablution. This is addressed to you… Recite it for a quarter of an hour if you wish, or a half hour. You will read it according to the inspiration in your heart…It will develop, it will expand, not narrowed and not reduced. By this means you will render a great service to especially those young people, with a new opinion or understanding of the Qur'an…” 

"Since this is the secret of being close to Allah, I am charged with telling you this, today. You have guidance, since you are one of those close to Allah. However now it will be like a rose bud, and neither its color, shape nor scent are yet established. When it opens people will understand you. But this will take time. But you will grow slowly, You will gradually open up. And when you are fully opened up, people will recognize you…”

“Approval came from 3 saints, who considered his heart. Had they not considered like this while he was in the prison and while he was in the hospital, he would not be able to come out like this… I declare that disaster will befall on those who would do so after this point. Knowledge comes to me from the spiritual world“.

“… We were sitting like this with him. Masha'Allah. He was majestic, really majestic. No one can ever speak nonsense in front of him. He is one of those who are in our hearts

“There is a marvelous, a marvelous manifestation upon him. There is a  very powerful manifestation. That is for him to explain things to those brainless people; there is no one who can respond to what he says and what he writes, whoever it is. Allah, Allah. I do pine for him.” 

We are meeting with his spirituality. It is all okay. There are obstacles for our physical meeting now. There is no need for that. But our spirituality would never leave him.”

“Allah. I do love him as well. I love him. He is the owner of a marvelous manifestation. He is the only one in Turkey, there is not a second one. There might be a second one but from a different source. Others cannot enter into the channel our son Mr.Adnan enters. One ship can pass by the Suez Canal. Two of them cannot pass by. One can pass, one cannot. He is a person of such type. He goes through a path. No one can enter the places he does. Everyone has a different manifestation. The wisdom behind the creation of everyone is again different in the Sight of Almighty Allah.”


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