The Islamic world must have a leader if the bloodshed in Egypt is to stop

The Islamic world must have a leader if the bloodshed in Egypt is to stop

The Islamic world must have a leader if the bloodshed in Egypt is to stop
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 22nd, 2013

Didem Ürer: It has been reported that Muhammed Morsi has been on hunger strike for the least two days in protest against al-Sisi’s annulment of the constitution and closure of Parliament.

Adnan Oktar: They will pay no attention to a hunger strike. These people have gone crazy. Extremism terrifies people. Under extremism, people literally regard themselves as having fallen into hell. They go crazy. They must abandon extremism, there is no other solution. They would not care for hunger strikes. They [military] even open fire on people as they pray. Secret organizations have also gone into action in Egypt.
The whole world is against extremism. Living has already been created to be hard by God. And then if you add extremism on top of that, you will drive people crazy. The human body cannot stand extremism. They hate women, you must not laugh, you must not turn right or left, you must not have fun, you must not stare into space, they say. What do you want from people? That is not acceptable. Why has God sent us into the world? So we can suffer and have a bad time? God gives us the world as a blessing, and gives us the hereafter as a blessing. There is no system of suffering above and beyond the test. If you regard women as second-class, if you say you will annihilate Jews and Christians, if you hate Jews, if you say you will kill atheists and irreligious people, if you try to turn these people’s lives into hell, them the world has no more meaning. It will become something very strange. They must be happy and at ease so we can be happy and at ease. All beliefs must live in peace. Let Christians go to church. What business is that of yours? Let Jews go to the synagogue. They have been devoted for 4000-5000 years, so what is that to you? What more do you want? They fear and love God. One should try to help these people. Look, devout Israelis number about 30%. That is a terrifying figure. Really low. What does 30% mean? It means that 70% of Israel is irreligious. That is a terrible thing.

Do you want all Jews to disappear? What would these people being irreligious give to you? Or what would it benefit you if they all died? What would you gain if they all vanished? Then you (Muslims) will start attacking one another.

There is no solution outside the system of the Mahdi. There is no solution outside Jesus the Messiah. They must pray to God, “O Lord, show us Jesus the Messiah, O Lord, show us the Mahdi.” They must pray and beseech God all the time. There is no other solution. God shows that this is the way in the Qur’an. Muslims say, “O Lord, send us a sultan from Your Presence.” Muslims do not say they can manage their own affairs. What do they say; “O Lord, send us a sultan, a governor from Your Presence.” To protect women, children and the oppressed. The body is troubled when it has no head. You have beheaded it, so the blood keeps flowing. If you deprive the Islamic world of its head, the body will writher and wriggle and rivers of blood will flow. That is what is happening now. It will end when the head is restored. There will be no pain, unease or suffering. 

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  1. I agree with this opinion that muslims must have a leader, and he should be their Imam Mahdi type of person, without the leader muslims are just like wild cats.


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