America should fight ISIS with books and ideas

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 24th, 2014
- You have been describing the need for a struggle of ideas for 20 years.
Adnan Oktar: Using ideas alone. Our American friends ask, what they should throw them, what they are expected to do. Should we throw flowers at them? No, they don’t need flowers. Throw books, they need information. They never think of providing them with information. They always say an intellectual campaign against fanaticism is essential, but they never do it. They regard a campaign of ideas as essential, but they keep on dropping bombs. Stop the bombing and educate people through radio, TV and newspapers. Drop pamphlets from airplanes. Enlighten and inform people. If only America would do that just once! If you cannot do it, there are people who can. Let us work together. Let us do it with science and love.
The PKK can also be brought to heel through ideas. There is no need to bomb them either. You can drop pamphlets for them, as well. You can teach them by radio and TV and win them over.
The fight against ISIS can take the same form. ISIS has its system of ideas. Why go and bomb them? You should tell them your ideas instead of theirs. You can win people over. For example, I am opposed to ISIS. I say that they are killing and murdering, that they ascribe equals to God and that they are sinning. Yet they still use very respectful language toward me. They say, ‘Everyone must respect Adnan Oktar’ on their web sites. I explicitly say that they murder people. Yet they still use respectful language about me. Because they know I am sincere. ISIS understands what I am saying but America does not. That amazes me. Either they are ignoring it, or they do not know.
You cannot fight people by bombing mountains and rocks. They are always dropping bombs. Fight them with the pen. If you drop a bomb it may land on a shepherd or someone else. It is still no good even if you do hit a PKK terrorist. PKK members are put on trial in Turkey and get life imprisonment at most. That is if they have committed murder. If not, we let them go. If they have not committed any crime when they appear before the prosecutor, then they are released. But they are killing people with their bombardments. That is incompatible with the Qur’an. We condemn the wicked deeds of ISIS, the acts of terror of the PKK and the massacres perpetrated by America. We want no bloodshed.
- You have written books against the PKK that demolish Darwinism. And you have written a book about fanaticism against ISIS.
Adnan Oktar: My book ‘Bigotry: The Dark Danger’ offers a complete solution to ISIS. America can take this book and use it as it wished. I will turn over all the rights to them. They can use it as they wish. Nobody can have any objection to my book. I clearly show the error of those hadiths. I explain how the Qur’an is sufficient. I explain how Islam is a religion of love. I explain how there is no room for murder and killing in it. What people think of when Islam is mentioned today is swords.


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