Those who sentenced the president of Jamaat-e-Islami to death in Bangladesh and those encouraging it are committing crimes

-  In Bangladesh MaulanaNizami, the President of Jamaat-e-Islami, who was in prison is sentenced to death. 

Adnan Oktar: This verdict of execution! How brutal it is! How horrible it is!
This is dreadful for the judge, dreadful for the prosecutor. The judge becomes a killer, the prosecutor becomes a killer! The hangman becomes a killer! And those who encourage them become a killer! Those who congratulate them become a killer! I don’t understand how they turn a blind eye to this disgrace! How horrible it is!

-  And he is very old!

Adnan Oktar: That is a sin and a disgrace! At most you can sentence him to life imprisonment. Let him stayin the jail.
What is the point of hanging him? 

-  Recently also Ghulam Azam [Jamaat-e-Islami’s former leader] passed away in prison, as you know. 

Adnan Oktar: He passed away in prison, right? What a pitiless system reigns in the world! What a perfidious spirit is hanging over the world! 

-  In Iran, 5 people were hangedduring the last two days! 

Adnan Oktar: Iran, they have become accustomed to it! They make home delivery [of execution machines]! What a disgrace for Iran!

- In fact in the time of Rouhani, Iran has reached the highest rate of executions! 

- In 2013, in the time of RouhaniIran has reached the highest rate of executions in its history! 

Adnan Oktar: They made Rouhani the leader, assuming that he is modern and reasonable. They also devastated that poor guy! Otherwise he is a gentle person. 

Adnan Oktar: Let’s appeal to related authorities in order to remove death penalty in bangladesh

Adnan Oktar:  Mir Qasim Ali, the Bangladeshi  Jamaat-e-Islamileader is sentenced to death penalty. 

How immoral people they are! Those immoral people hang whoever they find. AbdulqadirMolla, they also executed him last year. Now is it Mir QasimAli’s turn? 

- GhulamAzamwas also sentenced to death but he died in prison. He was already very old. 

Adnan Oktar:  First of all, the USA must remove death sentence. The USA should remove death sentence, so that she can set an example for Asian countries. When we ask them to remove death sentence, they say, “But it is available in the USA?” So how can we explain it to them? The USA must get rid of death sentence as soon as possible. They can replace it with life imprisonment. Why do you hang them? One day it may come out that that person is innocent. It happened several times. They hang that man, then they say, “We are sorry! There has been a mistake!” The Forensic Medicine’s report comes in, it becomes apparent that that innocent person’s genetic code does not match with him! It belongs to someone else! What happened then? You have become a killer. And a rampant killer! In life imprisonment there is a possibility for salvation. But this is not possible in the case of death sentence. 

We need to dwell on this death penalty. It must be removed. Let’s write a message and send it to all countries including the USA. This is important with regard to our conscience. 

-  Your books become very influential in prisons. Most of them become people beneficial to the community. The American governmentparticularly lets them to be distributed in penitentiaries. 

Adnan Oktar: Indeed my books have an amazing impact in the American penitentiaries. The USA also communicated this to us in an official manner. 

-  According to the statistics there is a high rate of return to Islam in the USA. Your books have been instrumental for this. 


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