The Mahdi (pbuh) will pass away nine years after the reign of the morality of Islam

An excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on February 9th, 2015, on A9 TV

- (Viever’s question): “The Mahdi (as) is of my lineage, if his life were long or short, he would live [to rule] for seven, eight or nine years.” Mr. Adnan Oktar, is this hadith authentic?

Of course it is authentic, “seven or nine years.” How? Along with the reign of morality of Islam over the world. Once Islam reigns over the world, the meaning of the system of Mahdi and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be over because the purpose is already accomplished. See, there is a flood of blood all over, before Hazrat Mahdi’s appearance. Millions of people die before the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi. But when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, the purpose is accomplished. Then his life also reaches its purpose. Then it is time for him to meet his Lover. That is why God keeps the reign of Islam short, seven or nine years. Then the hadith narrates, “He passes away suddenly in his vehicle.” Possibly while he is going somewhere, “...he passes away suddenly.” That is all. Following his death, an enormous corruption starts. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) becomes the leader. Hazrat Mahdi (as) has a will. It is stated that he would tell the Prophet Jesus  when he is still alive, that “After me, [leadership] is Jesus Messiah’s”. Then when he also passes away, he has his place already reserved next to our Prophet (pbuh). The place next to the grave of our Prophet  is left vacant. Our Prophet has said, “Bury him next to me.” So it is left vacant on purpose. For instance, Hazrat Abu Baqr  had his grave, and so did Hazrat Omar, but there is a huge space there [near that of our Prophet] so that Prophet Jesus  can be buried there. It is made of concrete, but [at that time] it will be broken and opened up. Beneath it is earth. He will be buried there. Our Prophet (saas) said, “Bury him next to me. We will first rise together, Jesus Messiah and me.” This is when people will be revived. Two of them together. This is the manifestation of God’s attribute of al-Hayy [The Ever-Living]. There is also wisdom in this. As you know, the Prophet Jesus  revived the dead, that is how God grants him such a soul. He creates such a manifestation there. God makes him revive the dead with His attribute al-Hayy [The Ever-Living]. They rise together, hand in hand with our Prophet. They are the first ones who rise. And then the entire world revives. After Islam religion reigns over the world, there is no meaning in living [any more] because it is like being in misery. Bediuzzaman calls it, "Ahl al-Qubur", that is, “The ones who are the people of spirituality are aggrieved of your desire to live in this world.” He says, “It is no longer becoming to want to [live in this world]. He says, “You should call on God and ask Him, “My Lord! If my duty here is over, take me away [to Your Side].” That is to say he says, “Do not insist on staying in this world.” That is why it is seven or nine years, not to make the Islamic community feel concerned, it is, “...between seven and nine years.” Maybe he will die on the seventh year or the ninth year. The time is not exact. Some time in-between. For instance maybe he will pass away in his eighth year, but I believe he will die in his ninth year, God knows best, because it complies with narratives. “It is similar to the life of Hazrat Abraham.” ”His life is long. ” When we consider these two hadiths together, it becomes reasonable, insha’Allah.


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