Using Incirlik airbase to target Muslims will be murder

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on March 15th, 2015

- Turkish and US military officials agreed to deploy armed drones to İncirlik Airbase to strike IS targets.

Adnan Oktar: - Don’t they dare. Don’t they even think about it. Even saying something like this is outrageous. That would be murder. A Muslim cannot kill a Muslim, and if he does, he’ll be a murderer. Instigating murder, being an accomplice to it, it is all murder. Don't they dare. This is completely unacceptable. IS is a Muslim community. They have faults, they make mistakes, but they are Muslim youngsters. Killing them, bombing them would be murder, whoever does it. And God says that the punishment for murder is eternal hell. You don't know if the person you are bombing actually committed a crime. There are children, women, innocent people on the ground. Who do you think you are bombing with those drones? Turkey cannot be an accomplice to such a murder. Don't they even dare try to test the waters with us. We will never accept it. Our government would never accept such a tyranny, Mr. Erdogan would never accept such a tyranny. Mr. Erdogan should make an announcement and show his clear stance against it. It is great tyranny, incredibly brutal and it is illegal according to Islam. Illegal. Murder is illegal according to Islam. Unmanned aerial vehicle, in other words, unconscious machines. It kills everyone down there, doesn't matter if there are children, or women. It is outrageous. Turkey would never, ever be an accomplice to such a horrible thing, to such a horrid murder. We will not allow anyone to use this country for such filthy things. Mr. Erdogan should make a statement and so should the Prime Minister. They should relieve us from the burden of being exposed to such horrible statements. This would make implicate the entire Turkey. Don't they dare. We don't care what others are doing, this has got nothing to do with us.

- Mr. Oktar, when this coalition was first set up months ago, you said that they were doing it to pit Muslims against each other. At the moment, US officials almost admit it with regards to the drones.

Adnan Oktar: - Yes. And they want to use hellfire with those drones. Hellfire. How can you do that to Muslims? It’s such a big sin, it is illegal. If they had done something wrong, warn them. Explain them their errors. Where is this bombing coming from? It is clearly murder. Don't they even think about it. They are doing this amongst themselves. But we want no part of it, and we are not interested. We are just warning them: ‘Don't do it, solve the problems with love, compassion. Be friends. Don't hurt each other’. But we cannot do anything other than that to them. But we will never allow something like this to happen in our own country. For example in Pakistan, more than 3500 people lost their lives in drone strikes since the beginning of 2014 and 550 of them are civilians and 175 are children. These are horrible murders. Horrific murders. In Yemen too. Everywhere they do this. They are trying to make Muslims kill other Muslims, trying to turn Muslims against each other. No one should fall in that trap.

- And when they’re asked about this, they reply ‘but no Americans die’.

Adnan Oktar: - Right, because Muslims are not humans according to them.

 - They admit that lots of Muslims die with the drones, but no Americans die.

Adnan Oktar: - This despicable approach is beyond words. Mr. Erdogan is a fearless man. He should give an answer this despicable approach deserves. The Prime Minister should also give the necessary answer that would be suitable. The Turkish name for these drones is ‘reaper’. It reaps everyone.  God forbid, if we allow this to be applied to Muslims, we would be committing a sin, and then God would punish us and then we would end up being the ones on the receiving end of these drone attacks. We cannot be a part of this disaster. They keep bombing the weddings and then they say ‘sorry, we didn't know.’ This is outrageous.

- In Pakistan people developed psychological problems now. Every time they hear a sound similar to that of the drones, they get panicked. They say their days turn into nightmares as a result.

Adnan Oktar: - Can’t they shoot down those drones?

 - Sometimes, they do. Iran did it a couple of times.

Adnan Oktar: - I think they could easily do it with machine guns. They should shoot them down. All of them. Iran must have an anti-drone system, they must have rockets to hit them easily. Pakistan as well. They should shoot the drones down. Then the US wouldn't be able to do anything about it, and the problem would be solved.

They say that the drone operators are operating these machines in airbases in the USA to hit targets 15.000 km away from them. The people on the ground don't feel that the drones are approaching. Poor Muslims. They are willingly allowing to be treated like this. Look at the shameless attitude of the Pakistani government just because they want to please the Americans. They should shoot the drones down immediately with machine guns. Every time you see it, just bring it down.

-  It’s the same in Yemen, you must already know. They had a deal with the government, just like in Pakistan. And they let their villages get bombed under the disguise of fight against terrorism.

Adnan Oktar: It is unbelievable. And it’s always the kids, the innocent that die. The women, the children.

- One American soldier leaked the images of such drone attacks. At the moment they are seeking a life sentence for him.

Adnan Oktar: It must be very easy to determine that. It is a huge machine, should be very easy to shoot it down with machine guns. With long-range guns. If 10-15 people start shooting with machine guns, they could easily do it. They should do it every time.

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