Love of God

Adnan Oktar Says...

Everything you do will always go on track if you love God. If you do not love God, troubles would rain down upon you every single day. You cannot deal with that.

The whole point is to love God, to never forget love. The Beloved One would not be forgotten. You should never forget about God. When you are eating, when you are bathing, when you are sitting, when you are standing up, when you are in the streets, even when you are angry; the heart of a Muslim would always be full of love for God.

It has nothing to do with showing a lot of effort. The whole point is to love God sincerely; to love God with a deep, profound love. If you love God, you are strong. I mean if you love God a lot, you would definitely be victorious. Look I am not saying that “if you believe in God”, I am saying “if you love God”. Actually to feel love, you have to believe in Him.


  1. Muhammad Faisal Farooq ji, good writing by Adnan Oktar but fear shall not be a weed in the garden of love,most religions indoctrinate fear of unknown through these type of writings.If one is born as a human ,we should understand that ups and downs in life are part and parcel of this drama.And we shall responible for our own deeds instead of relieving our burden in the name of god or allah.


    1. Piusha, Fear is of two types: praiseworthy and blameworthy. Fear of Satan or any harmdul creature is blameworthy fear. We do praiseworthy fear from God which increase love and wisdom. A child fear by doing mistakes that his mother will get angry with him and he will lose her love. Praiseworthy fear increase wisdom against mistakes.

      All up and downs are from God as every event is written in our destiny. We are responsible for our own deeds and we cannot put blame on God who showed us infinite ways but we did choose one wrong way. God already know we will choose wrong way and written in our destiny before creating us. He shows again infinite ways at every event, after selecting wrong way by us because He is Merciful. If we love & fear from God then we will select right way wisely because love and fear increase wisdom.... If we have fear of accident then we will cross road wisely.



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