Rich leaders that are hostile towards Muslims taking the lead is a portent of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)

Adnan Oktar: "Umayyads, rich leaders that are hostile towards Muslims…" Look, “Umayyads” mean rich leaders that are hostile towards Muslims. Right now, the capitalists in the world, a great majority of them, are hostile towards Muslims. These people are indeed rich. Look, do you see the details our Prophet (saas) laid out. Look, it is not the poor ones are hostile, the rich ones are. That is because they imagine that they will have to give up their goods. Why are they against Islam? Because in Islam, the poor are protected and watched over, and goods are distributed. When that is the case, these people regard Islam as dangerous. They say, 'Islam will take away my goods.' That is because there is zakat, there is alms- giving in Islam. God says in the Qur'an to give away what is more than needed. They feel terrified, they look around and see that they have more than what they need all around them. If they think about giving these things away, they would lose their minds. When that is the case, they become hostile towards Islam. Of course, there are many reasons, their lack of love, their lack of compassion. They become hostile because of many reasons. 

"When the Umayyads (rich leaders that are hostile towards Muslims) rule … Their state remains strong and they live at ease and wealth" That means while capitalism rules with all its fierceness. Now look at the details our Prophet (saas) gives. "Their state remains strong and they live at ease and wealth until they disagree among themselves." For instance, the Ottomans remained strong, many other countries remained strong, but: Afghanistan remained strong, Iraq remained strong, but when they disagree among themselves, when Muslims started struggling against one another, what happens? "THEN THEIR STATE WILL DECLINE AND THE PEOPLE OF THE EAST AND OF THE WEST WILL DISAGREE." When the people, that nation starts disagreeing among themselves. Saying you are Sunni, you are Shia, you belong to that or this, you are from the parallel organization, etc. What happens? "Their state will decline." May God forbid. "People will face difficult times full of terror." Our Prophet (saas) says this. Is this happening right now? It is happening. "They will remain so until a caller calls out from the Heavens." This caller is the Mahdi, his voice heard from the television. "When you hear the call, you are to hurry up (to join the Qaim)" the Mahdi. 'Do not drag your feet,' says our Prophet (saas).


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