Syria has been handed to communist

Syria has been handed to communist
The massacres in Syria is a result of the socialist-communist ideology 

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated August 30th, 2012
ADNAN OKTAR: There is this Syria that has been handed to communists. They are oppressing those wretched Muslims. They are ravishing young girls, they are degrading them. Their advisors, their experts are all selected from Russian communists, Chinese communists, Chinese guerilla experts, Russian communist guerilla experts, former guerillas. These are the ones coming up with the ideas. And the PKK assassins are taking role in their key positions. They are using PKK guerillas in massacres they carry on. Those scums of the earth are making havoc of the country. Putin would not have a power on his own. I mean there has to be a team that would support Putin. All Muslim countries should back him. Only under such circumstances, with a sudden attack, they can be successful. I mean a very intelligent plan should be presented to Putin so that he can free himself from these scums of the earth.  He cannot do that alone either. They tend to ascribe power to individuals and say ; "Putin can do this!" He cannot do that, there are also people that are causing trouble for him. For instance one might be a Prime Minister but he might be there for show only and he might not be like everyone assumes. Very intelligent manoeuvres  are required. For instance that was how it worked in Poland. They carried out very intelligent and fundamental manoeuvres at the time. Even so, Poland still could not get rid of communism. That is the same for Hungary. They still could not get rid of communism either. 


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