Verses related with the Paradise from Surat An-Naba

Verses related with the Paradise from Surat An-Naba

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated September 1st, 2012 

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ADNAN OKTAR: "Verily," says Almighty Allah in the Surat An-Naba verses 31-33, I seek refuge with Allah from the satan, ".. for those God-fearing there is triumph: Gardens and grape vines. And youthful, full-breasted maidens of equal age.." Here, the Qur'an refers to the beauty of the bosoms of women. The bigot group is horrified with such explanations. Since they are always in a sly, vicious, filthy spirit, they do not know that sexual relationship with a lawful spouse is a pure and beautiful act,  that it is the highest form of expressing love. Because their mindset is like that of a donkey.  So what they understand from intercourse is animalistic as well and because they evaluate the matters in that mindset they presume that it would be similar in the Paradise and so they come to the conclusion that such a thing would not happen in the Paradise. 
There is a pure love, a pure form of making love and a pure form of passion in the Paradise.
Look, the root of the word used there, the word in the meaning of "full-breasted maidens" is used in Arabic to mention that the breasts are like pomegranates, that they are full and raised, and not saggy.
For instance all women attach importance to the beauty of their breasts. The beauty of breasts is one of the points that women fret over.  [So the verse implicates that] they will be very beautiful in the Paradise. In this world, specifically for them to realize their weaknesses the majority of women have disfigured breasts. Some of them are not proportionate, some are saggy and women look for various solutions for this. There is no such thing in Paradise. In the Paradise women's breasts are very beautifully shaped. Since the test in this world will then be finalized the Qur'an has specifically implicates that well-shapedness. 
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