We are being tested in this world to learn about love

We are being tested in this world to learn about love

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 2nd, 2012

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ADNAN OKTAR: A tragic lovelessness prevails the world. It prevails over Muslims, it prevails over Christians and it prevails over Jews as well. It prevails over irreligious people anyway. The world can only be saved with love. The goal of Heaven in the Hereafter is love. What Allah wants from us in this world is love as well.  Love is the ground upon which the whole system rests. The reason why we are being tested is again love. We are being tested to learn about love. Love is the origin of good morality as well. It is with the aim of love, it is to attain love. For instance patience is to attain love. That is because without patience you cannot attain love. You would break up with your loved ones. For instance you find a flaw they have, a mistake they make and you break up. Benevolence generates love. For instance you help the one in need and he/she feels love for you. You do not tell lies, and that is for love as well. That is because you wouldn't feel love for the one who tells lies; you would have difficulty to love such a person. It is very difficult to love a liar. That is because the person who lies is actually a whole different person than the one you know. I mean he/she can only be something resembling to human. He/she constantly lies, you can never establish a connection with his/her actual self.  Examine the roots of good morality, you would always come to love, it all comes to love. And love is the greatest pleasure on earth. I mean love is the most enjoyable feeling. Once love is lost, people will be devastated. The world would turn into a living hell. You would be suffocated. Lovelessness drives a person mad. For instance lovelessness is the main reason in suicide cases. Lovelessness is the main reason for drug use.  A person feeling love would never feel the need for those. And love cannot be formed without the love for Allah.  Allah says- I seek refuge with Allah from the satan; "If you love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you." Without love for Allah, Allah doesn't give love to that person. "Allah will love you" means He will fill you with love.  "I will love you and fill you with love. I will love you and have you loved. Everyone will love you and you will taste love.  I will make you feel the enjoyment of love," says Allah. Or else Allah takes away love. Once love is stripped out of a person, a damned expression settles in his/her face and figure, he/she would be extremely filthy. There is no love in bigots for instance. That is why bigots are very unlovely. They look like horse thieves, if you pay attention. Have a look at them, they roll their eyes, their face and glances are very nasty. They are very vicious, they constantly spread hatred. They constantly look for mistakes in people so that they can crash them, so that humiliate others and nourish their egocentrism.  Look at those bigots, they all claim superiority and they always try to show themselves as superior. 
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