If one loves Allah passionately, he would meet the right person

If one loves Allah passionately, he would meet the right person

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated January 4th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: You are an image formed [in your brain]in a place as big as a lentil. Right? Allah creates you as an electric current. You, as an entity that lives inside a place as big as a lentil with all your being, as an image, should submit yourself completely to Allah with all your body and soul. When you submit yourself to Allah, Allah would give you possessions, He would give you means, Allah would give you a spouse; He would give you everything. But other than that, what would a woman do with you? What would she do with you? You are helpless from head to toe. If you do not wash your hair it would stink, if you do not wash your eyes they would become gummy. If you do not wash your nose, it would get dirty, if you do not wash your mouth, it would get dirty. Armpits are another sort of filth. You are in need of care every moment of the day, man is a poor being every moment of his life. Yet with his mind and faith a Muslim would become very clean. Allah would deem him spotless clean. Allah says "Muslims are pure." How would that happen? Allah makes them pure with their minds and with their faiths. A young girl would not ruin her eternal life for two days of the life in this world. As for the things that you would present her; you would present your helplessness. You would be presenting the helplessness of your nose, the helplessness of your mouth, the helplessness of your ear, the helplessness all over you, the scrubbiness all over you. You believe that you are perfect. But look when I tell you now you have seen how helpless you actually are. Then, what is the most beautiful blessing? Having faith in Allah, loving Allah passionately. If you love Allah passionately, He would put the lady in your destiny right in front of you. You think that you would go and wander around like you would in a marketplace and say "I liked this lady here, let me take her". There is no such system. If it is in your destiny, Allah would bring that lady in front of you. Or else even if you jump up in the air, even if you do a hundred somersaults up in the air, even if you scratch the floors such a lady wouldn't appear in front of you.  Even if she does, she would be revolted from you and you would be revolted by yourself as well. Allah would not grant that blessing to you. It would not happen as you think it would. For instance there are some foreign artists who claim to be very handsome and they marry very beautiful women. They are really exquisitely beautiful. Yet, they get separated even the first fifteen days, the first month pass by. Why is that? The man feels disgusted of himself and the woman feels disgusted from him. And the matter is then closed. Allah does not grant them that blessing.

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