The Pope not making the sign of the cross and reunification with the Orthodox after 959 years is a sign of the presence on Earth of Jesus the Messiah

The Pope not making the sign of the cross and reunification with the Orthodox after 959 years is a sign of the presence on Earth of Jesus the Messiah.
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 20th, 2013

Catholics have united with the Orthodox again after 959 years. This is a sign of the coming of Jesus the Messiah. This is the first time in 959 years. It is a truly wondrous event. This is the first time the Pope has not made the sign of the cross. He made ‘this’ kind of sign. He did this in addressing the faithful. What is this? What does it say (in the hadiths) about Jesus the Messiah? He will break the cross. The pope is talking like this now because he has broken the cross. The signs of Jesus the Messiah are become ever more frequent. The signs have started to become more intense after my dreaming of the blessed one. Masha’Allah. His light and voice and smell have all begun being perceived. It is unheard of for a Pope to speak to people in this way. This is the first time. The first.

Look (in a newspaper report) 'The Pope did not make the sign of the cross.’ Do you see?

Didem Ürer: Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartolomew I of Constantinople, the Orthodox spiritual leader, attended the inauguration ceremony of a Pope for the first time since the Catholic and Orthodox churches split 959 years ago.

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah. It is amazing how this has happened after 959 years. Nine, five, nine. Look, the number nine appears twice. That means there is something about those nines. They say why A9 to me. Hazrat Ali made the sign of nine with his hand. The Qur’an also indicates the number nine. 959 years is a highly significant number.
We have Jesus the Messiah, we have the Mahdi, and then will come the Day of Reckoning. We have come to the end of the world. We are in the End Times. Look, the  Pope makes this sign. He does not behave in such a way as to reflect the Trinity.  He indicates the oneness of Allah. A single sign. This is what he did. This is a sign ot comes from Jesus the Messiah. It is amazing how they are coming together with the Orthodox. 


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  1. Salam Alaekum,

    The Cross has already been Broken in the Europe & West, nobody believes in it these days, there are christians but they are because they had christians by birth, but they do not believe a single thing from the Church.
    They believe that every thing which is written in the new gospells is wrong and missleading.

  2. Jesus Christ, Yeshua, was born of a virgin, was crucified on the cross for our sins, died, was buried, rose from the grave after three days and ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God. He will return, and as the Holy Bible says, he will visible by all mankind from east to west, just as lightening is seen by all. Yeshua (Jesus) is not here yet. ALL will know it when He returns. He specifically warned us against people saying "He is here, in the desert, or he is in the mountains, etc." Read in the Holy Bible the book of Matthew, chapter 24.

    1. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Did Not Die

      The signs of second coming of Jesus (as) in Islamic resources and Bible

  3. Jesus Christ is Lord. No one enters into heaven except through Him. He will save you if you follow Him. He alone can save and offer eternal life. There is no other way. And He calls all people, whether Sunni or Punjabi, Jew or Pakistani, American or Chinese to follow Him in The Way. Additionally, the Mahdi is the mirror opposite of the Christ in the end time. Jesus (Yeshua) calls every Muslim to Him. He calls to peace and fellowship and eternal life in Heaven for those who give their lives to Him.

    1. Jesus Christ is prophet. No one enters into heaven who denies and rejects any prophet out of arrogance. Enemies of prophets cannot enter into heaven. Prophets save us if we follow them sincerely. All Christians, Jews and Muslims who believe in God, Last Day, who follow prophets and who did good deeds will enter into heaven...

      "Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans - those who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness - will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve." [Holy Qur'an 2:62]

      Christians Must Heed Jesus:

      Anti-Christ (Dajjal) is the mirror opposite of the Christ in the end time. There will be two Christs in end time in Torah. The Mahdi (as) is the first Christ or The Messiah (Mashiach) son of King David (as) and Prophet Jesus (as) is the second Christ or The Messiah (Mashiach) son of Joseph. Anti-Christ will do bloodshed and the Mahdi (as) will be anti-bloodshed, who will bring peace and justice.

      Mahdi Never Sheds Blood

    2. An article of another "Jerry Davis" in this blog...
      Islam Denounces Bigotry and Terrorism by Jerry Davis:


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