In the End Times, people will be ashamed to say they pray to God

In the End Times, the antichrist will try to corner Muslims. In Surah al-Alaq, God says ‘...they will try to prevent people from praying’. The antichrist is portraying prayer as something to be ashamed of. Sometimes some people enter into the service of the antichrist with or without knowing, they serve him or talk like him, without even realizing it. For example, when they ask ‘Do you really pray?’, the person says ‘No way, how can you think I’d do that?’. They say ‘But that’s what we heard, that’s what they told us.’ ‘It’s not true, it’s my private life. I’d have told you if I was, but it’s not true’, he answers. 

But praying is a beauty to be proud of, right? When someone asks you ‘Are you compassionate?’, obviously you would answer ‘Yes, I am’, right? You wouldn't say ‘It’s my private life, I can’t tell’. He should be proud of it, but he is afraid, the mountains of fear are scaring him. Or for example, they ask us why we support the AKP. How can I not, especially when the situation is like this now? If such a question is asked like you are being threatened, you would of course be drawn to people who are praying, and you would shy away from people who show prayer as something to be ashamed of. There is nothing surprising about that. No one should think any differently about this. Everything is clear. One hadith says ‘ the end of times, the antichrist will show some places as heaven, and people who go there will see that actually where they went is hell.’ For example he thinks he is in heaven, that he will have fun; but he sees there are drugs, prostitution, insults, threats, danger, death and he finds himself in the middle of hell. Another hadith says: ‘If any of you sees those days, go to the place which is shown as fire’. Because this is the End Times. The hadith says: ‘He should go to the river that looks like fire, shut his eyes, bow his head down and drink out of it, because it is beautiful cold water’. In other words, Islam will be shown to you like a horrible thing, but you approach Islam and the Qur'an, and you will find peace. For example, we explain how Qur'anic Islam is the real Islam, the free Islam, the modern Islam, the way the companions practiced Islam and many react: ‘It is fire’, ‘It is very dangerous’, ‘They are going to hell’, ‘They are not wearing headscarves’, ‘They are listening to music’, ‘They are wearing nice clothes, ‘Ladies are putting on make up’, ‘They are going to hell’ they say. ‘If any of you sees those days, go to the place which is shown as fire’. It is a beautiful life, says Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). 

‘The antichrist will have a mountain of bread next to him.’ Sahih Muslim passes on the same hadith as follows: ‘The antichrist will be accompanied by mountains of bread and meat and rivers of water’. In other words, they will intimidate people with the threat of lack of food, and will try to use them for their evil purposes. For example they give them the message that ‘If you are religious, you cannot succeed'; if you are religious, doors will be closed to you, you’ll be destroyed if you say you are praying, they’ll destroy you if you say you fraternize with religious people, you’ll be destroyed if you say you met Adnan Hodja, it’ll be the end of you if you say you know other hodjas, if you say you read the Qur'an, you’ll be ruined. Said Nursi says that they will threaten people with lack of food, lack of future and get them on his side, ‘They will fall onto his roof and become his prisoner’ says Said Nursi.

Another hadith says ‘Those who don't follow the antichrist, will face difficulties.’ And what will those following the antichrist say? [They will say]: ‘I don't know the Muslims, I don't pray, I don't fast, I don't practice Islam, or follow Qur'an’. And then they say ‘Perfect then. Now we’ll like you, elect you, praise you. By the way, do you happen to know this hodja?’ He answers ‘No way, why would I?’ They say ‘It’s just we heard it, they even said you were praying.’ He answers ‘Definitely not’. The others say: ‘We also didn't think you would, but we just heard that, and it would be like a disaster, especially before the elections. It’s not true, right?’

He says ‘It’s a complete lie, I’m definitely not praying. This is a private question, why do you pry into my private life?’. This shows the intensity of the End Times. He says, ‘There is no way I would fraternize with Muslims, I’ve never met them’. But when he is asked ‘Do you know this communist?’, he says ‘Of course, we are really good buddies.’ 

Or they ask him: ‘Do you know this Darwinist, that materialist?’ He says: ‘I always talk to him, we are such good friends. We always get together, he is like a brother to me. I like him a lot.’ But when he is asked ‘What about this Muslim? Do you know him?’ He says ‘Definitely not, I never would ’. 

These things are normal in the End Times. It is even narrated in the hadiths that the antichrist will kill people who don't follow him. Indeed, look around the world, there are disasters everywhere. He retaliates by killing. The satans will tell the antichrist ‘Tell us what you want and we’ll do it’. And he will say ‘Go and tell people I am their god’. In other words, tell them humans are the result of coincidences, that the universe popped into existence coincidentally, what Darwin said is true, tell them there is no god. He sends satans all around the world. Listen: ‘God will send him the satans and the satans will tell the antichrist tell us what you want and we’ll do it.’

'The antichrist will have one day and one nights' distance between his two feet. In one stride, he will cover long distances. With his right hand he will grab the clouds and watch the Sun and the stars.’ This is obviously a description of someone riding in a plane. How else could someone feel like he is grabbing the clouds? He is passing through the clouds, he is grabbing the clouds? How can he watch the Sun move? Because the plane moves as the Sun rises, and because he moves too, the rising continues for him. Or for example he starts flying while the Sun is setting, and it keeps rising as he moves and stops only towards the midday. ‘The antichrist will have one day and one nights' distance between his two feet’. In other words he will move very fast; this hadith refers to a speed of 300 or 400 km/h.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 15th, 2014


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