It’s important to introduce the Qur'an to children

It’s important to introduce the Qur'an to children (12.03.2014)

It’s important to introduce the Qur'an to children
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  12th, 2014

Parents should read the Qur'an to their children, even if it’s only a couple of pages. They should just open it and show it to them. Because the kids don't know about the Qur'an. Usually many people don't ever open a Qur'an in their lifetime. If you want to give the greatest gift to your child, open up a Qur'an page, read a couple of verses, and then maybe another page and read some more verses. Then you would be introducing him to the Qur'an’s moral values. Or for instance, the young people do not know about the Treatise of Light collection. For instance, the Barla Addendum. It would be a great gift to give a small version to your child. Let’s look at it and see what it says: ‘Telling you about patience and trust in God in the face of these undesirable events is not necessary [because you already have it]. Actually you taught us the value of patience and trust in God, as before we used to complain about the slightest things, and you showed us how precious and joyful it is to trust God. Thank God, since that day, we are able to comprehend and appreciate the meanings of things better.’

For example a child doesn't know what is pain, or hurting, he doesn't know its causes, or the wisdom behind it: But when he reads the Treatise of Light, he understands that it is a test, he understands that there is wisdom and a good reason behind it. Then he won’t fall into childish traps of foolishness. Lots of dangerous things happen to children, and it’s happening because they don't know the Qur'an.

It would be great to read to them  from the Quran, some from the Treatise of Light and some from Harun Yahya books. For example ‘Pains of the False World’, or ‘The Religion of the Ignorant’ will greatly help a kid mature. Because in this way, he will be able to clearly see the dangers of a dark world which is the ‘religion of the ignorant’ and save himself from that. He would learn about the false worlds and then the true world. Just reading the ‘Religion of the Ignorant’ would completely change a kid’s life because Harun Yahya's books have a compact, concise style that effectively convey immense information.

When I was a kid, I was unaware of such books, I didn't know. It was really difficult to see a religious book around. We had a Qur'an in our house but it was in Arabic language and was hanging on the wall. For years it stayed there. We never knew back then what was written inside. But if you teach a kid the Qur'an, only ten pages of it, his whole world will change. Because kids already have good hearts, but when they are taught only evil, it creates a one-sided education. You shouldn't think ‘What would it change if I tell this to my child?’ Just do it and it will create a revolution in his soul. Maybe you won’t realize the change, but in reality his whole world will change. He will start to live in a different world, and even one page would suffice.

Give a copy of  ‘Quran's Miracles’ book to a kid, and his life would change. Giving books to children is very important, because then those kids would save their friends too. Usually children teach each other things that would influence them negatively, because they don't know any better. When I was a kid, I never saw a child that was talking about the Qur'an or Islam. Children are usually told wrong, strange, and unnecessary things. That’s why it would be a great gift to teach children about Islam from the Qur'an, the miracles of creation , Harun Yahya books, the Treatise of Light collection.

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