ISIS and other groups must be reconciled, the jihad fatwa of Al-Sistani must definitely be removed

ISIS and other groups must be reconciled, the jihad fatwa of Al-Sistani must definitely be removed


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 14 &16 th, 2014

Adnan Oktar: Turkish, Kurdish, Circassian does not matter. We need to reconcile the parties that fight, make them brothers and render them a single force. All the human races are the sons of Prophet Adam. We take measure when a Kurd is martyred. We take measures when an Arab is martyred, a Turk is martyred, for all of them. We prevent those who seek to be tyrants but our main purpose is to reconcile them, to make them all brothers. For instance, we do not take sides in Egypt. We want all of them to reconcile and to make them friends. This is their gravest error; they form groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and others. This is not acceptable. We need to be unitary. When you say, “He is not one of us”, you call a Muslim who prays five times a day an outsider. This is a kind of sickness. It brings infertileness, it brings evil. 

In one verse of the Qur'an God says: "The believers are brothers, so make peace between your brothers." (Surah Hujurat, 10)

Adnan Oktar: Of course. The provision of Almighty God is explicit; “Do not be like those who split up and differed." Some call themselves “ISIS”, some call themselves Shia, others call themselves “Muslim Brotherhood”. You are all Muslims. There is one God, we believe in the same Prophet, we have the same qibla. La ilaha illaAllah Muhammadan Rasullullah. That is it; you are brothers. If you consider the rest as an issue that divides brothers, this is unacceptable. Shia, Wahhabi, Sunni, it does not make any difference; they are all pure Muslims. Those having flaws will be corrected. 

The Jihad fatwa of al-Sistani must be absolutely removed and sedition must be defused

They should remove the fatwa issued for our Shia brothers, the jihad fatwa. If Sistani issued it, someone else should remove it. Right? Did not our Prophet (saas) make contracts? Almighty God says that when  sedition arises among believers, reconcile them and defuse the tension. He does not say, “Set them against one another.” They commit cheap heroism. I have pity for those Shia young people. They fill them into dump trucks, those brave young people. Moreover the Shia youngsters are very pious. They fervently love Hazrat Hasan, Hazrat Husayin and Ali. They are lovers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Isn’t it a shame, isn’t it a pity? 

They immediately revoke this  jihad fatwa. One needs to think reasonably. These people are young people, both sides are pure Muslims. Shia and Sunni, but both sides have some lame aspects. You could say, “You are brothers, have you gone insane?” “You can talk and reach an agreement.” If someone says, “We will in any case invade here”, you can withdraw. You can withdraw the youngsters. What is the point of letting them to be chopped up? What have those who have caused the martyrdom of thousands of Shia youngsters gained? They are in love with God, they are in love with our Prophet (saas). Don’t they say, “Allah is the One, and Mohammad is His messenger?” They do; that is it, it is over. How can such Muslims be martyred like this? They chopped up Shia youngsters and put them in dumptrucks. While there is sedition, one does not clash with those who want to invade. Sedition can be diffused. Once it is diffused, you can talk with those who invade reasonably. You can tell them who the real owners of the invaded lands are. If you ask them, “Is invasion lawful?”, they would say, “Yes, you are right.” 

- Teacher, God says that believers must not dispute with one another. 

Adnan Oktar: Those who have been martyred are all Muslims. This is a plot of satan. Why are they deceived by this plot? This is very disturbing. 

Shia, Sunni, Wahabi, they all say, “God is One.” They should not oppress one another. 

Teacher, ISIS has designated three points for the police and soldiers who served in the Iraq army where they can repent. It is alleged that ISIS forgives those who repent and trains them for their own service.  

- Teacher, they martyred 1,700 police officers today. 

Adnan Oktar: What is wrong with those who say they are Shia? What do they do? Don’t they say, “God is the One.” They do. Don’t they say, “Mohammad is His Messenger?” They do. Then this issue is over. What do you want more? 

But our Prophet (saas) has foretold that these incidents that would happen in the End Times. Those with black banners would appear under any circumstances. In any case Sufyan would appear in Syria. Our Prophet (saas) calls it, “The son of the liver-eater.” Notice that there is the Sufyan, and also the son of Sufyan would appear. The son of the liver-eater. In the hadith it is related that he will be very cruel. 
Some hadith are open to interpretation. The hadith reads, “There will be a great movement there.” Some interpret this movement as an earthquake while some interpret it as a plague or a war. Today 100,000 have died in Damascus. In that time, they thought that so many people could only die with an earthquake. Those narrating the hadith make comments. A mass murder is being foretold in the hadith. The right interpretation is a war. 

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