Those who want women out of life actually wish to take Islam out of life

Those who want women out of life actually wish to take Islam out of life (04&12.06.2014)

Those who want women out of life actually wish to take  
Islam out of life
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 04&12th, 2014

(viewer letter) "Tell me your goal for God's sake; I'm asking so please write me an answer." 

Our aim is to live for the sake of God. We don't have any other aim. We have a spirit that prevents those who kill women and who want to kill women and kill Islam.

Those  who would kill Islam would kill woman. We are against the killing of woman and Islam and we won’t let this happen, insha'Allah.

Our Prophet says that the “Mahdi will bring Islam back after it has been killed”, masha'Allah, so we are the students of Mahdi, I’m the student of Mahdi.

You have spoke erroneously to eighty million Muslims; no,  not eighty million, but you spoke erroneously to one and a half billion  Muslims and you allow Muslims to be oppressed by a handful of irreligious people.

They slaughtered Muslims, they kill and destroy them, they martryed them. They don’t have any value at all in the world in the presence of so many people.

And yet Muslims are not valuing other Muslims and you let them  be severely oppressed and you deliver Muslims into the hands of satan.

And now we are the ones who are suppressing satan under our feet, insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar:  It’s shocking. Listen to what they say: women lack faith or intelligence. They say women cannot be religious or clever. How can you respect such a person if they really think like that about women? You believe that she has no religion, no intelligence. 

How can you marry her then? How can you be lovers with her? And what makes you so perfect? What makes her so deficient? The truth is that women are very loving, compassionate, considerate beings. Those people [who make these preposterous remarks about women] should look at his intelligence. Then he should compare it with his wife’s intelligence. His wife would be much more intelligent than him. [They say] women lack intelligence and faith. What kind of a plot is this? They are oppressing such lovely beings with these methods. Look at these lovely ladies, they dance and have fun. [But these people say] look at them, they are dancing! What about the weddings? You go there and dance with ladies, show off your moves? Their wives dress up, with bouncy curls and everything, or big bouffant hairstyles with tons of hairspray on. They put on their necklaces and everything left from their grannies, wear perfumes bought maybe forty years ago. Put on rouge and go to weddings and dance there with everything they have;  of course my words are addressed to those people who make these comments. Of course, women should have fun in weddings and of course they will dress up. Or they have showers in their houses, or engagement parties, weddings, or other meetings, and ladies and men have fun together in all those things. In the Black sea region, ladies and men do the traditional horon dance all together. Young girls get up and dance. It is the same everywhere, in  Southeastern Anatolia, in the entirety of Anatolia. It is the same for our Alawite brothers and sisters. 

[They say] ask women what they think and then do the opposite. They say, don't listen to women, object to them. They almost want to strangle women! They say, opposing women will bring blessings. They say, leave women behind just like God left them behind. They think that women don't deserve to have fun, or wear nice clothes, or look good or even smile. But when it comes to them, they get drunk, make scenes and everything else; but with the ladies, they say ‘no’. However ‘in weddings, it’s OK’ they say, ‘you can go there and dance there’. So religion to them is very flexible, they bend it whenever they want to, [whenever it suits their interests]. If it is fine to dance for ladies in weddings, why is it a problem when they dance in other places? They say it’s acceptable only when it’s a wedding. They go to weddings with their whole families; wives, daughters, sons and all and all of them get to the dance floor and dance. Boys and girls, all together. They say it’s normal with weddings, but not in other places, like on a TV show for instance.  

Andan Oktar: Onur Demir .. Onur says, ''For the love of the Prophet of God, what business do those women have in religious discussion? What is non-mahram Mr. Oktar?''

What can I say to these people? He is saying; “Women cannot talk about religion. They cannot sit with men, they cannot laugh, their religion is half-formed, they are only semi-intelligent, they will all go to hell, they must not wear make-up and must not use perfume.”  

Erdem Ertüzün: They also invalidate prayer.

Adnan Oktar: They depict them as creatures that invalidate prayer. Look, dogs, pigs, Jews and women. Look, a horse does not invalidate it if it goes by, nor a hyena, nor anything else. But if a woman goes by, she invalidates it. A man does not invalidate it if he goes by. But a woman does, whatever she does.”

That wretched nature of that mentality is obvious, but they still espouse it. Non-Mahram, it is described in Surat an-Nur. A woman’s chest, her sexual organ; nobody must see them apart from the people listed in the Qur’an. That is the question. Since there is no question of them being seen, what is the problem? 

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