What is the important secret in Nostradamus’ prophecies?

What is the important secret in Nostradamus’ prophecies? (13.06.2014)

What is the important secret in Nostradamus’ prophecies?
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 13th, 2014

Our brother wanted some information from Nostradamus. Let me read … 

"Mars and a staff will come to a level. A war that leads to disaster under the crab. A new king will be consecrated after a short period. Peace will come to earth for a long time."

He is speaking of the Mahdi. Everything he said has happened. 

"With the collapse of institutions in the 1990s,” meaning with the collapse of parties, and of communism and fascism. “he will come with the rearrangement of people’s life styles at the beginning of the century to come, with the programming of people’s ways of thinking and with the correction of political institutions. This will lead to a federation of states in around 2025".

He says there will be a world order in 2025. We say that the time of Jesus the Messiah and the Mahdi, the time of global rule, will come around 2025. Nostradamus is saying the same thing. 

Nostradamus says this in his second letter: "It will be realized there are no differences between all the religions of the world, that they all stem from the same source and have the same spiritual origin." 

Islam, in other words. The fact that religion comes from God will be understood. He is speaking of the time of the Mahdi. 

Nostradamus also provides information about great physical changes awaiting the world;

"There will be an eclipse of the Sun first. The darkest and most closed eclipse of the Sun. Sometimes with a great earthquake, sometimes with the coming of the rule of Babylon…” 

He is talking about the eclipse of the Sun in the time of the system of the Mahdi predicted by our Prophet (pbuh). Our prophet also says there will be great earthquakes in that time. Iraq will collapse, be set up again and collapse again. 

"Then one will emerge from among that people who has never emerged before and will renew the entire Christian Church. Great unity and a climate of agreement will be established among people who were hitherto fragmented and divided by borders. This peace will be so strengthened by various governments those calling for war will be brought low and they will be condemned to have their strength taken from them. "

"The empire of the mad one who appears to be wise will be taken over.”

The system of the antichrist, in other words. The system of the antichrist and communism always give the impression of being very knowledgeable, don’t they? But they spread bloodshed and terror. 

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