Adnan Oktar: The call to prayer will issue from the Temple of the Mount when the Mahdi appears

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 11th, 2014
Adnan Oktar: The ram’s horn will be heard to blow in Jerusalem.
- There was a photograph.
Adnan Oktar: Yes, let me see. Yes, that is the one. From a horn. Is the original picture not available?
- Only this one at the moment.
Adnan Oktar: Yes, a very powerful horn. A wondrous sound will emanate from the Dome of the Mount. The muezzin [caller to prayer] will climb to the mount and will read the call to prayer with a beautiful voice.
Church bells will also start ringing at the presence of the Mahdi, when the imam Mahdi appears. Peals of bells will be heard everywhere. These sounds will tell people that an extraordinary time has come. The horn will be blown for hours, the bells will ring for hours and the call to prayer will be made for hours. Then the imam Mahdi will bring the Ark of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) to Al-Aqsa Mosque with great joy, by praising Allah aloud.
And the cover will be lifted, and when the sacred relics are seen, the Jews will begin loudly shouting La Ilah al-Illa’Alah Muhammadan Rasul’Allah [there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger], insha’Allah. Our prophet (saas) says they will all become Muslims, apart from a very few. All the sacred relics will be there in their original state. All the relics from the dawn of history, from relics from the Prophet Adam (pbuh) to those from the Prophet Noah (pbuh). The inscribed stone tablets of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) will be there. What other sacred relics are there?
- The staff.
Adnan Oktar: part of the staff...
- There is the shirt of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). The ring of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh).
Adnan Oktar: What else?  'Manna.' In a gold box. Since gold does not oxidize.  
- Teacher, there will be the original ram’s horn.
Adnan Oktar: Let me see. Yes. That will blow for hours in Jerusalem. When? In the month of Muharram. At what time? At the morning prayer. Everywhere will ring with this sound at first light. Everyone who hears it will realize something extraordinary is happening. The Rabbi who is the head of the Sanhedrin Court said he would bring the Pope when he was here visiting us.
 - Insha’Allah
Adnan Oktar: He said we will also descend from the temple together, insha’Allah. I said, ‘I can smell the scent of the Mahdi.’ ‘I have no sense of smell, but I can see and hear the presence of Moshiach, the Mahdi,’ he said.
So Almighty Allah must have shown him. Insha’Allah, Allah will also allow us to see the Mahdi.


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