Women are more superior to men in terms of compassion, affection and in meticulousness. Male superiority must be removed

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 24th, 2014
-  Mr. Oktar, Mr. Erdoğan gave a speech on giving value to women and said, ‘You cannot bring man and women to an equal position. This is against creation. In business life, you cannot put a woman and a man through the same conditions. You cannot lay the burden of a man on a woman. It was like this in the communist regimes. Men and women are not equal, but they are equivalent. We must emphasize justice. Also you cannot commit violence toward women. And if they get older by your side, you cannot even huff and puff to them.  These are our values. Our religion has given women an authority, maternal authority. I used to kiss the bottom of my mother’s foot and say 'Here I find the smell of the Paradise.’”
ADNAN OKTAR: This is a very nice speech.
It is correct, if the women do hard work that would be an oppression, it is against creation. We have talked about this many times before. This is the perspective of Islam, this is the force of the conscience.
-  ‘They are not equal but they are equivalent’, he says.
ADNAN OKTAR: Now, in that sense, women are more and more superior. They are superior in compassion, mercy, cleaning, punctiliousness, meticulousness, thinking about details. So they are not equal; they should have more and more rights, the superiority of men should be removed. For example, there should be more women in the assembly.  Women should work on light tasks. Men should do the hard work, because his body is suitable for that. So, we should give priority to women. In that way, they are not equal. Women should have more rights. Women should have more advantages. They should be superior in terms of the advantages. When we say they are not equal, it might be misunderstood: It can be understood in both ways, the first meaning is that men are superior to women. That is how it is understood in Europe like this. It is understood in the opposite way. Erdoğan can make a new speech and strengthen this idea. So the superiority of women should be accepted. It should be accepted that women and men are not equal; women are superior. They are more superior in compassion, mercy, love, politeness and in everything, cities are established for women, they are established because of women. The cities are established for women. So, the superiorities of women should be emphasized. But if it is said like that, it is unfinished so it didn’t make the right impact. The examples which are given are not enough. If he explains that with more comprehensive examples, Erdoğan would have more appearances in the press and it would be more impressive. Otherwise it will stay unfinished and it would continue as a negative view and that wouldn’t be good. Because women are more clean, more merciful, more compassionate, more tactful, they think more about details, they are more side with aesthetics, they are more artistic, isn’t that true? True. There is nothing to deny. This is a scientific truth. This should be understood clearly.
For example, in business life, women should be accepted for the jobs first; for example, women should be accepted in the assembly first. They shouldn’t be given hard work. Their superiority should be accepted. The equality should be removed, this is important. By the force of quality, beauty, by the force of the good morality, we must give superiority to women, just like we give superiority to the mothers, in a positive way.
For example foreigners have that; when a woman is getting out of the car, first the man gets out and opens the door and holds the hand of the woman and helps her to get out of the car. This shows her superiority. For example when a woman enters a room, the others stand up; this shows her superiority.
Everywhere we must show the superiority of  women; the superiority of  women is the beauty and the ornament of a civilization. This is morality, this is the superiority of morality.  This is a beauty.
This has to be done, and that’s the entire matter.

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