Almighty God says ‘In Paradise I will create everything your hearts desire.’

Pleasant Conversations with Mr. Adnan Oktar (April 6th, 2015; 24:00)
... And therein is whatever the souls desire and [what] delights the eyes, and you will abide therein eternally. [Surat Az-Zukhruf (The Ornaments of Gold) 43:71]
ADNAN OKTAR: God says ‘Anything you want’ and some people cannot understand it. Whatever your culture, your tastes, your knowledge would entail. For instance, some like car races, others yacht races, some like swimming, some like spending time with women, some painting. For example, if you want to paint pictures, you’ll be able to do it perfectly there, and very quickly. Some like to play instruments, and they’ll do it flawlessly. There will be no need for training or practicing.
Many people ask these questions one by one, for example ‘Are there computers in Paradise?’ If you like that [computers], based on your culture, your knowledge, it will be created there immediately, on the spot, and in the most perfect way. It’s only a matter of you wanting it or not. Whatever you want, it will be created in the most perfect manner. For instance, you might be liking little cars, and there it will be created like that. Or you might be favoring big muscle cars, and you will have that. God says that ‘It all depends on what you want’. ‘Depends on you thinking about it, your culture, your desires, whatever you like.’
BÜLENT SEZGİN: The degree of taking pleasure in Paradise, does it depend on the degree of faith, Mr. Adnan?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. Everyone will enjoy depending on his or her degree of faith.
ADNAN OKTAR: Some people don't understand it, although we explain it. Almighty God says ‘I will create everything your hearts desire.’  They want me to list one by one. For example, we have air conditioners in this world. If you like it, it will be created in Paradise. It depends on your culture, on your wanting it. Whatever you like, it will be created. For example if you like double-breasted jackets, it will be created. If another person rather has another type of suit, he will be given that. They want all the gifts to be enumerated one by one. Musical instruments, whatever you want. They ask ‘Will there be guitars, too?’ Of course, and that’s the most primitive one (guitars in this world).  A clarinet, another very primitive instrument. God creates the most perfect one and God says ‘It depends on your wishes and liking’.
I seek refugee in God from the accursed Satan. “and they will have there all that their hearts desire and their eyes find delight in. You will remain in it timelessly, for ever.” (Surat at-Zukhruf, 71). Is there any restriction in this verse? Infinite. Very clear. What does “there is everything” mean? It means there is no limit to it. Anything you can picture and “you will remain in it timelessly, forever”, until forever. (Surat at-Zukhruf, 71)


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