What will be the greatest blessing in paradise?

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on April 06th, 2015

Abu David narrates: ‘Because people of paradise go to paradise and the people of hell to hell, one caller will ask out: ‘Didn't God make our faces bright and clear? Didn't He make our scales heavy so that we wouldn't go to hell?’ At that moment, the curtain will be opened and they will look at God. I swear in the name of God, that God hasn't given anything to them that is more pleasing and delightful than looking at God.’ They will see God’s manifestation and that will be the thing they love the most.
One narrative from Abu Musa al-Ashari is as follows: ‘He, said during the Basra speech: ‘God had the residents of Paradise asked: ‘Did God keep His promises to you? They looked at their ornaments, ’ What are the ornaments? Necklaces, bracelets, everything. ‘clothes,’ Why aren’t they surprised about the clothes? They are surprised that there will be yachts, but not surprised at the clothes. Clothes are also produced in factories. The clothes in Paradise will be like the ones in the world. It will not be very different. But they will be similar. But the fabric quality will be different. It won’t crease; it will be very bright, very beautiful colored. But in general sense, it will be similar to the clothing items in this world. ‘Fruits, beautiful wives’, the ladies, ‘and the rivers’. But the rivers will not be little. We are sitting above a strait here, right. It is a sea, but [looks like] a river. Where are we now?  We are situated above. God explains that in Paradise ‘they will be in high mansions, with rivers flowing underneath them’. Big, sea like rivers. But calm, beautiful and pleasing. ‘Then they will say: God certainly kept His promise to us’. Angel will ask them three times, ‘Did God keep your promise to you?. And when they see that, the promise was fulfilled completely, they will say ‘yes’
Abdullah ibn Masud narrates: ‘We were with the Messenger of God (pbuh). During the Night of Qadr, he looked at the moon and said: ‘You will see your Lord clearly just like you see the moon now and you will have no doubts in seeing Him.’ He says ‘You will see God’. ‘You will not have to push each other to catch a glimpse, you will see Him very easily.’ You will see His manifestation very easily. “When Almighty God allows His manifestation to be visible by lifting the veil in front of His servants’ eyes, all the rivers will flow with more joy and zeal, the trees will sway and make sounds.’ The trees will dance with joy. All of them are conscious. “All the mansions will light up with flames.” Everything will light up, everything will sort of come to life, get excited. “The fountains will flow faster”, to emphasize the joy. “Sweet smells will be carried across the mansions and the courtyards”. When God’s manifestation is seen. “Sweet smelling misk and kafoor will be everywhere. Birds will chirp’, the birds of Heaven. ‘Houris will radiate with their beauty.’ When God’s manifestation is seen, in the Hereafter.

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