Believers do not experience any fear or difficulty after they die

Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview dated 21 June 2015
ADNAN OKTAR: There are people who buy graves. They say, “Let’s be together as a family. The view should be nice. He would get bored in the grave”. “It should be with sea view,” they say. That person becomes soil in the grave. There is nothing left. He will not be alive there. They don’t believe in it. They think the dead is still there. They think if the grave is ostentatious, he would be comfortable, a fancy place made of marble. Also they say “let’s be together as a family, let’s not be apart”. They think if they are together, they will rise comfortable in the Day of Judgment. They think if they are not together, they will not be able to find each other. The world will be destroyed in the Judgment Day. There won’t be any graves left. They don’t understand. It will be flat. The world will be destroyed and the moon and the sun will join. God states in the verse "the mountains become like shifting dunes". Would there be a grave there? The Qur’an says "the oceans surge into each other" Everything will be crashed, graveyards; everything will be in the air. Nothing will stay. Everyplace will melt down, soil and so. The ground will be flattened, just flat. So, there won’t be graves there, marble graves, nothing like that. They think their graves will stay and they will rise as a family. It will not be like that; they should understand it from the Qur’an.  
Our fellow brothers who are into this family grave concept get it wrong. If they feel good about it, okay it is something else. When the Judgment Day comes, the world will be demolished into the ground. Do they not understand it? It is stated in the verse “the mountains become like shifting dunes ". It is the Judgment Day. Everything will be flattened. There will not be trees, flowers, insects, nothing. Stones will melt. The world will be scattered like dust. The sun and the moon will join. And you are talking about marble graves “we will be there as a family”. It is not like that. God states He will raise people up from where they lay. We don’t know how this will happen. I mean probably all humanity will rise instantly. They will realize they had been lying after they rise, that they had been in lying position. He looks he is lying. He rises, straightens up, that is it. It is a vast land. The situation of believers is different. Believers will be in a vehicle. They will have light in front of them and beside them. They will have a host with them. He will be complimenting them, showing them love. The crowd will be running towards a certain point all together. They will see something like a pillar. They will hear a voice from it; a human voice. It is named “Summoner” in the verse. It is a human voice. It is like the summoner is telling “come here all”. Everybody is flooding towards it. How many are they? Let’s say ten billion. It is a very vast land, they are running on a vast land. God states “"like swarming locusts ". Hell will be cluttered up with these people. God makes them get down on their knees, taking them into hell. Believers will be separated. Believers will not be involved in such situations. They will not experience any terror unbelievers will experience. Yet, God informs unbelievers what will happen beforehand, so they would regret. Believers will be witnessing all these from afar. Believers will be experiencing all great things. There will not be any hardship, suffering or fear at all at any stage for them. Everything will run smoothly for them; when they die, when they arise from dead, when they are taken into paradise. In other words, they will not experience any uneasiness. "They will feel no fear and will know no sorrow" says God. God promises, it is clear.
ENDER DABAN: You had told us before teacher, believers are questioned in a very nice manner.
ADNAN OKTAR: It will be as a compliment, to please them. For example, God says “you communicated the message all through your life, is that true?” he answers “Yes, my God”. What is it for? God does it to please him. For example, God says “you spent all your possessions in the way of God, is that correct?” and he replies “yes”. The questioning will take only a short time anyway. Angels will be showing believers love incredibly. They will be taken with a joy, with a great delight. Once they enter the gates of paradise, that is it, it is then forever.
OKTAR BABUNA: You said “One who is questioned last thinks he is the first.”
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. All people in the world will be questioned. A believer, for example, let’s assume he will be questioned last, he thinks he has been questioned first. It is stated, “he will return to his family joyfully”. Then others ask him “what were you asked?” and he replies, “I was asked this and that”, all pleasant things, the questioning is for his pleasure. There will not be anything that would bother him. So a Muslim doesn’t need to brood over what will happen”. But he should fear hell, it is another matter, however, he doesn’t need to fear “what troubles am I going to get through as a Muslim?” It is not the case. If you think that way, you would commit a sin. For a Muslim, it is not possible whatsoever. He will be very comfortable everywhere, everything will flow very smoothly. It is nothing like that.
GÖKALP BARLAN: God states, “We will erase their bad actions from them, and recompense them for the best of what they did.”
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, but one should concentrate on paradise very well. It should be comprehended very well. The faith needs to be strengthened. He needs to absorb it in his head. These are important. I mean, one should not think paradise as a blurred concept.  A Muslim needs to know everything that is told in the Qur’an about paradise.


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