Christians who accept our Prophet (saas) will be Christians who follow Muhammad

Christians who accept our Prophet (saas) will be Christians who follow Muhammad

Christians who accept our Prophet (saas) will be Christians who follow Muhammad
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April 11th, 2013  
‘Dear Master, I address you in that way because someone who teaches virtue is a master. I and other Christians living in Kayseri call ourselves Turkish Christians. Could you tell us what to do in this time? Your words are most virtuous and comforting to me. We are Christians who want to remain the descendants of the Ottomans and are against becoming European.’

You are very dear.

‘Our Muslim brothers almost regard us as if we were Americans. But we are Anatolian Turks, to whom this land belongs. Those who separated us built a wall up, but you can bring it down, insha’Allah. You can bring about union in Anatolia and the Middle East. I feel a profound love and respect for you. Respectfully….

Fine people, fine followers of the Prophet Jesus, may Allah grant you long lives. I congratulate you and all Muslims on the presence of Jesus the Messiah in the world. The Prophet Jesus will rule you with love. Jesus the Messiah will embrace you. You are very dear to us, and entrusted to us. You are a blessing on us from Allah. May Allah grant you long lives, and may Allah grant you happiness. Let your hearts be at ease. May Almighty Allah fill your hearts with love of country, land and flag. May He fill them with the love of faith. But our Prophet (saas) is a true prophet. Love him, too. Love him and be real Christians. Just this, ‘la ilaha illAllah Muhammad rasulullah,’ meaning Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger. But continue to love Jesus (pbuh) in the same way. Love him even more. Do not fear abandoning your faith. Nothing like that will happen. It is all right once you are a follower of Muhammad. It will all be fine once you say ‘Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger.’ Love Jesus the Messiah with the deepest love. Memorize those words of love in the Gospel. Be forgiving and compassionate. Know all those lovely words in the Gospel. Obey them. They are identical to the Qur’an. There is no difference between them and the Qur’an. Accepting this will not damage your religious devotion in any way. Have no such fear. The Messenger of Allah [Muhammad] is loveliest person in the world. He is a prophet admired by Jesus the Messiah. Our Prophet is polite and honest and lovely. We regard Abraham (pbuh) as a prophet, and so do Christians, don’t they? If we can also regard the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as a prophet… We must recognize all the prophets. There is no difference between past and present in the Sight of Allah. Past and future. You recognize the prophets of the past. So recognize the prophet of the future, too. There is no difference between the Prophets Abraham (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh). If you accept one, you must accept the other. Loving the prophet Abraham (pbuh) does not stop you being Christians. Does it? And loving our prophet will not stop you being a Christian. Have no fear. Love Muhammad and be at peace, insha’Allah.

You just need to say, ‘Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger.’ That is all. We all know that Allah is one. Neither you nor we deny it. Everyone knows it. You cannot have three Allahs. How can Jesus the Messiah be Allah? He eats and sleeps. The Gospel says that he slept and ate. Does Allah eat? The Gospel says that Jesus the Messiah prayed to Allah. Can Allah pray to Allah? To have true faith, say, ‘Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger.’ There is no denial of Jesus the Messiah in Islam. May love for Jesus the Messiah be multiplied a million times over. Be more scrupulous in your Christianity. Turn the left cheek if someone strikes you on the right. May there be affection, love, compassion and warmth everywhere. But we must absolutely love our luminous prophet. Otherwise, may Allah forbid, the conscience will be wounded. That is a terrible thing. It would be very wrong to deny such a fine prophet when it is so clear that is what he is. You recognize Noah, Adam, John and all the rest. But there is one prophet you have forgotten. That is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). One you accept him, too, everything will be fine. You will be Christians who follow Muhammad. And you will be radiant Muslims.

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