Hatred makes people sick

Hatred makes people sick

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 29th, 2013
DİDEM ÜRER: Master you have made a statement [a few days back], it was very beautiful. You've said; "Hatred, a soul full of hate, would ruin a person. Hatred is an atrocious thing. It makes one sick, it scourges one and it makes one rot away. We are created upon love. Our hearts find comfort only with love. We feel suffocated with hatred, we cannot live with it. I mean our flesh and bones, our bodies cannot cope with that. We will forgive, we will pardon and we will embrace everyone!" Masha'Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes.. Loving heart is the sound heart. A heart full of hatred is a sick one. Hatred kills the whole body, it makes the whole body cancerous. It makes the whole World cancerous as well. Look first the bodies became cancerous and then the whole World became cancerous. The color of the World has been lost with the economic crisis, this and that. The joy of the World is gone, the merriment of the World is gone. People are unable to have fun anywhere in the world. People are unable to be delighted anywhere in the whole world, at this very moment. Feelings of merriment, joy, peace and safety have been stripped away from the whole world. Economic crisis has covered the World all over. A devastating unrest and a devastating lovelessness covered the World. The earth insistently asks for the Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah, insha'Allah. People will have to accept it whether they like it or not, insha'Allah. 
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