Surat al-Fil

Surat al-Fil

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 March 2013)

Surat al-Fil verses 1-5
Do you not see what your Lord did with the Companions of the Elephant?
Did He not bring all their schemes to nothing,
unleashing upon them flock after flock of birds,
bombarding them with stones of hard-baked clay,
making them like stripped wheat-stalks eaten bare?
Allah neutralizes the elephants. With what? With a great many birds. If Muslims come together in great numbers they can also neutralize powers as strong as elephants. Tens of thousands of birds fought hundreds of elephants; the birds were small but highly effective. They throw little stones. They are weak, but very strong when united. The Qur’an is referring to that. You can have great strength if you are united, insha’Allah. Look, Did He not bring all their schemes to nothing?” says Almighty Allah. This means that unbelievers will make plans, but Allah will thwart them. Insha’Allah. 


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