God will make those reciting the words "Insha'Allah" and "Masha'Allah" rule the world

God will make those reciting the words "Insha'Allah" and "Masha'Allah" rule the world

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Surat al-Kahf, in Which the Words “Insha’Allah” and “Masha’Allah” Appear Points to the Global Reign of Islamic Moral Values:
Al-Kahf is a Surah that point to the global reign and the way of the Mahdi because multiplying the number of the Surah by the number of verses in it gives the figure 1980:
Surat al-Kahf consists of 110 verses and is the 18th Surah.
And 1980 is the date of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). These two terms appearing in a single verse in Surat al-Kahf point to the global reign that Allah conceals behind “insha’Allah” and “masha’Allah.” (Allah alone knows the truth). 
The word masha’Allah gives the dates 1987 without the gemination mark, and 2016 with the gemination mark.
The word insha’Allah gives that dates 1997 without the gemination mark and 2027 with the gemination mark. Both dates refer to the global reign of Islamic moral values.

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  1. It is real possibility Mahdi will rule the world after world war 3 which will be fought between America & Russia in Iraq for oil.


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