Satan is trying to drive a wedge between Muslims in Egypt, but Islamic Unity will thwart that scheme

Satan is trying to drive a wedge between Muslims in Egypt, but Islamic Unity will thwart that scheme

Satan is trying to drive a wedge between Muslims in Egypt, but Islamic Unity will thwart that scheme

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 19 August, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: “Like the common ground you have found with the Jews? How can there be any common ground after tens of deaths.” Look how they have been taken in. Right away there is hatred and aggression. And what is this opposition to Jews and Judaism? What is this lack of love? Why should Jews not be able to live in this world? Why should Christians not be able to live in this world? Why should atheists and communists not be able to live in this world, but only Sunni Muslims? I fail to understand. They also rejects Shiites and Alawites and Wahhabis. Wahhabis also reject Shiites and Sunnis. You have embraced lovelessness. Lovelessness is clinging to your bodies. Devout Jews are the loveliest of people. They love God very much. When they came to me I gave them fruit, and they prayed over each piece. They gave thanks to God for each piece. For example, when they pick up a piece of fruit, say a fig, there is a special prayer for figs and they recite that at length. Why do you hate that person? You should hate killers and oppressors, so why do you hate innocent Jews? Why do you hate innocent children? “Jews are cursed, even if they are children, and they must also be destroyed,” they say. They even hate children. What craziness is this? Muslims will now eliminate the agreement because murder has been committed. “After so many deaths,” they say. But can a Muslim respond to that? No. You, you throw unarmed people around like throwing meat into a mincer. You have Muslims killed and martyred. And there seems to be no end to it. They will continue doing it in the days ahead, and Muslims will be crushed and withdraw into themselves after so much martyrdom. And they will abandon themselves with total poverty and misery. What sense is there in that? What logic is that? We know who organized the things that have happened. What is the sense in looking for new tragedies in the wake of these disasters? Any decrease in the damage done would be good. Why do you want to prolong the tragedy? Funerals are taking place every day, and people are weeping and screaming every day. Very few people come together here. They become tired or hungry and immediately go off to eat something. Some of them even lack the energy to raise their voices. And they insist on not mentioning Islamic Unity. Only recently have a few people and places started mentioning it. May God be pleased, the Felicity Party has very recently started referring to Islamic Unity. They did mention it before, but only very seldom. They are mentioning it more frequently now.

Zekeriya Altuner, “An Egypt and a Middle East with no Muslim Brotherhood is unthinkable.” My brothers, let there be the Brotherhood, and Salaffis, and the troops of the Egyptian Army, and the Copts, and Christians, and Jews, since they are all servants of God. Why do you speak of the Brotherhood? What about those people not in the Brotherhood? You disregard them. That is no good. You must stand up for them all. What crime have those poor Copts committed? What wrong have the Christian Copts committed? What wrong have Muslim Copts committed? You say they have been wielding axes. But you raised them to wield axes, as Darwinists and materialists. Stand up for and liberate them. Show them affection. If you belittle them day and night then they will be your enemies. “An organization for Islamic Cooperation with no function.” Why does it have no function? Because there is no Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) at its head. That is the reason why; it has no head, no spirit and no leader. Both a head and a spirit will come with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). An Organization for Islamic Cooperation with no head and spirit spends billions of lira. They have all their buildings and facilities. They have offices everywhere, but no spirit. “Even an organization for Islamic Cooperation with no spirit makes no statements about Egypt.” Why not? I repeat myself; because there is no Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) at its head. Because there is no devout, powerful leader at its head, because it has no leader burning with love of God, and because it has no spirit. That is why it is in this state. “Is it not very audacious to say that the only solution is Islamic Unity?” God says that the only solution is Islamic Unity, the Qur’an says it. Is God being audacious in the Qur’an? God says that. I just quote what God says. God says that Islamic Unity is the only solution. It is not my idea. This is information given by the Qur’an. But if you are saying the Qur’an is being audacious, then that is no good. But if you are just speaking out of ignorance, then you should raise your level of knowledge and pull yourself together. You will probably realize that what I am saying is true. Look at verse 55 of Surat an-Nur, and you will see. The Qur’an talks about Islamic Unity right from the beginning, from beginning to end. You will find commands regarding Islamic Unity on whatever page you open.

Bismillah. I am opening Surat al-Furqan. It says; "Alas for me! If only I had not taken so-and-so for a friend! He led me astray from the Reminder after it came to me’”

What is the reason for the scourge currently afflicting the Islamic world? The fact that they stray from the Qur’an and act in the light of fabricated hadiths. It says “Satan always leaves man in the lurch.” What is satan doing to Muslims now? He is leaving them alone and helpless. He is severing the bonds between them. Every Islamic country is alone and helpless. “The Messenger says, ‘My Lord, my people treat this Qur’an as something to be ignored’.”

 Our Prophet (saas) has one complaint. He says that the Islamic community will ignore the Qur’an. He does not say they will abandon the hadiths. His only complaint is that they will ignore the Qur’an. He says, “The will embrace false hadiths and abandon the Qur’an.” He says that they say an angel should have come down or that they should have been able to see their Lord. They want a miracle. He says they are caught up in their own pride. They are arrogant. Look at the leaders of Islamic countries. There is a huge arrogance in many of them. They enter the paths of excess, not of love, affection and compassion.

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