People started to see violence as admissible

People started to see violence as admissible

People started to see violence as admissible

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 29th, 2013

Didem Ürer: In Nigeria an illegal organization attacked a student resident and killed 50 students because they are receiving Western style education as they consider Western education as religiously unlawful.

Adnan Oktar: Well, as they kill others, a sort respect develops in people towards power, so they take up for their side and say "let us kill together." So they join them in such killings. That is because a holigan spirit has developed. Killing people, beating them up, as promoted in the movies and on television, has settled firmly in the minds of people. It has been embraced in the minds of many people. For children and youngsters, those are the most favored topics. There are even tv programs in which people [play games and] have others "killed" while they are in their seats, they kill each other and throw bombs on each other. They shoot at each other with automatic guns and they feel an amazing excitement about that. That has become their greatest entertainment. Also in the Middle East, the best gift to give to a child is a toy-gun. They are giving guns to children to play with. Killing and bombing have become the most entertaining play in the Islamic world and in many parts of the world. Becoming terrorists, anarchists is being presented as if it is something admissible. Our Prophet (saas) explains the solution for this; the solution is the system of the Mahdi, it is not possible to pretend not to understand.  But of course people should not mistake this with false, insane Mahdi candidates. This is going to happen and there is no need to engage in demagoguery about this. Hundreds of false Mahdis will appear.  People claiming to be the Jesus Messiah, people claiming to be the Mahdi will appear however there is no need to take those into consideration. Those are miserable people with no power to do anything anyway. It is clearly understood from their language, from the way they talk, that they really are pathetic. And they have no influence at all, they cannot pose a threat for unbelievers either. When I say threat, I mean an intellectual threat.  These are pathetic miserable people who are belittled, despised and humiliated wherever they go. Dealing with them as if that is an important matter and holding them over the system of the Mahdi would be in conflict with good conscience. These have been foretold in the hadiths anyway; "before the appearance of the Mahdi, false Mahdis will appear," says our Prophet (saas). Before the appearance of Jesus Messiah, false Messiahs will appear, he says. 

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