Love is the thing the world needs the most now

Love is the thing the world needs the most now

Kindness, compassion and mercy are essential. If the world is not full of love, it is impossible to live. Paradise is the place of love. Every part of paradise is full of love. A bright love... The world must also be filled with a bright love. They are trying to get people used to violence and pain. For example, there are movies where people fight hand to hand. There is almost no movie without someone getting killed or shot at. They shoot love movies and there is killing there also. It is the same for children’s movies. Bombings, hanging, cutting, machine guns...

This policy of terror must be eradicated. Satan is implementing a perfect terror policy. Instead of this we must offer people the most delicious thing with a policy of love. Love is the best food. It is food for the heart and soul. And it is what the human soul needs the most.

Even cats and dogs are crazy for love. Cats are only interested in being petted. If you pet them they become your best friend. Attention here; they only care about love. If you pet them day and night, cats still continue to want for more. Love is the only thing other than food and sleep that they want. Even when wrestling their main reason is love. They don't bite and scratch because of their love. They just play around.

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