Praying means establishing constant connection with God

Praying means establishing constant connection with God

Praying means establishing constant connection with God

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 16th, 2013

Adnan Oktar: How nice it is that Christians love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) very much.

Ebru Altan: Yes, they are devoted to him.

Adnan Oktar: I mean when I talk to them, they constantly talk about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). And Christians pray a lot. I have never seen Muslim Sunnis or any other sects praying that much. Christians are praying in almost all moment of their lives. For instance they sit to have a conversation, they pray. They sit for dinner and they pray. They get up from the dinner table, they pray. They go out and they pray. That is very nice. And they do not pray silently, they do so openly. They do pray out loud, they pray altogether. Everyone joins their prayers. That is very nice. Praying is something the Qur'an puts great emphasis on. That is why our brothers and sisters during their discourses, when they gather together, one of them should say a prayer in a voice everyone will hear so that all our brothers and sisters can join the prayer. That would be very nice. Insha'Allah. Praying means establishing constant connection with God. That is because God likes prayers. God loves prayers. He specifically emphasized this in the Qur'an because it is a way of connecting to Him. And Christians recognized this secret very well. They have found the great pleasure in it. The great pleasure they genuinely take from praying is sensed clearly and God responds to that prayer. I mean that is a crucial matter. For instance, a person has an illness in his arm and he instantly goes to get a pill. Alright take a pill but why don't you pray? Pills do not work otherwise. Pray. Pills are only means. What does it have to do with pills? Know that God is the One Who creates pills. Know that you are using pills only as a means, as a prayer. And pray for recovery. That is because God is the One Who creates the sicknesses. Actually sicknesses are wonders; they are created out of the blue. Why should a person have a problem with his eyes? Eyes are normal, healthy organs. Why should one develop infection? They all have to take orders from God. Otherwise none of them would happen. God shows them to us as if they were coincidences but there is no such system. Everything is controlled. Everything takes place under the order of God. For instance now my milk pudding is here for me. Where did it come from? It is a treat from God. It has come to me from the treasure of God's Mercy. And it appears as if it came from the kitchen. Where did it come from, to the kitchen? It appears as if it came from the patisserie. Almighty God has a system of displaying everything within a chain of rationality. That closes people's eyes. It closes many people's eyes. Actually these are direct blessings.

Look, together with the glass it is served in, together with its beauty, with its taste, it comes from God's treasure of mercy, it comes directly from the heavens. It is created by God. However there is such a perfect system of cause that people become unable to think anything on the contrary. For instance they say to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) " Can your Lord send down a table to us out of heaven?" Actually God is sending down a table to them every single day. God is the One sending down every table. When they go inside, they really see a table. God is the One Who creates that table as well, God creates them all. God introduces, shows the system in the Heaven here with a different method.  That is not how it is in the Heaven. For instance a person thinks about a dessert and it is created there and then. It flies in the air and comes right in front of you. The spoon comes to you on its own for you to eat. It levitates without the need of your hand. That is because hand is a means for that act. With what do you eat? One says "I am eating with my hand". Who creates your hand? God creates the hand. One might assume that he eats with his hands. Actually God is the One Who makes him eat. God is the One Who makes one drink water. One might assume that he is drinking with his hand.

God is the One Who gives its taste, its flavor. They have all been arranged, created in destiny by God. We constantly live in wonders. But only those who think can realize them. For those who do not think, God has specifically set a trap. He set a trap of cause and effect.  They suffocate in causes and cannot see. One might think that he is walking on his own. Actually God is the One Who makes him walk. He might want to go somewhere. God is the One Who takes him there. For instance, one is in Turkey today and goes to the US the next day; God creates US for him in an instant. God creates a different country in an instant. God creates planes as a cause. One gets into plane, it is closed environment. He sits there for a while and the US is created in front of him all of a sudden. And that person assumes that it is always there. Actually God is creating everything every single moment.

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