Syrian children ask, “What have we done to Assad?”

Syrian children ask, “What have we done to Assad?”

Syrian children ask, “What have we done to Assad?”

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 05th, 2013

The situation of those children is very grave.
There are mothers, elderly people and it is winter.
That is becoming very dangerous. There is a need to hurry up.
This Assad is a very thoughtless person. I have not seen such a tactless guy.
One takes the risk of death, but one never considers such vileness.
Are you insane? Leave, so that a national coalition can be established.
What kind of a person are you? He insists on being the leader.
Why do you have to be the leader?
Leave, so that people can elect anyone they wish.
For instance, all groups may send their deputies and form a coalition government; they can govern themselves.
What is the point of being the devil?
There are kids.
He lives in a warm and comfortable area while the kids are freezing.
The children ask, my dear ones; they are so cute, they ask, “What have we done to Assad?”
Have you seen their footage? They are so sweet.
Do we have that footage?
There is a kid asking “What have we done to Assad?”
In Bahcelievler [a province of Istanbul] the Syrian refugees are living in a city park, outdoors.
There is  footage about it recorded two days ago.
Syrians living in a city park in Bahcelievler.
We can show it if you like.
What kind of an ordeal this is!
These things have happened because of Assad. Let these guys so that they can return home.
Let them live live comfortably. Are you insane? What kind of a person he is!
An international community must go and take him.
American, English, French, Iranian, the Islamic world.
Governments can send  representatives  with full authority, they can take him and his family and send him somewhere.

This guy will get people into trouble. 

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