The hadith referring to Marmaray relates that treasures will be excavated

The hadith referring to Marmaray relates that treasures will be excavated (31.10.2013)

The hadith referring to Marmaray relates that treasures will be excavated

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 31th, 2013
The issues that I mentioned about Marmaray attracted  much attention. They were reported by many websites. Now I will continue to astonish them.


“When the Qaim Mahdi (as) appears…” notice that our Prophet (saas) explicitly says the name of the city. “Constantinople”, Istanbul. Notice that the location is not wrong. “He sends his followers. Once they reach the coast of the sea, they use their feet to do something, they go while the water is above.” Notice, “...while the water is above”. Where is the water? Above. Where are they? Below the water. Notice that it is said they go while the sea is above them.

Our Prophet (saas) explains where the water is! It is above their heads. He says that the water exists above them. He says that the water remains above them. They go while the water is above them. Notice that it is said, “They use their feet to do something.” As you know, those vehicles are commanded by feet. Once you to step on the accelerator, it [the vehicle]moves.

This is formulated in such a manner that it can be interpreted in two ways: It is said that they walk above water. They walk while the water is above them. This is the meaning. They conceived the second meaning while reading it; this sometimes happens while reading you know. They walk while water remains above their heads. This is what is explained here. 

Our Prophet (saas) also says that there would be flags on both sides of the way. Indeed there were flags everywhere. There is a mention of masjids. Indeed there are two masjids at the exit. This is also true.

 Our Prophet (saas) also says that at the same time treasures are excavated from the earth. What will they say about it? Simultaneously various treasures are excavated and masjids are constructed at that time. Notice that masjids are being constructed  but at the same time, it is related that treasures would be excavated. If the hadith are not analyzed attentively, and only considered  superficially, the meaning would not be grasped properly.

That is why in The Rays, Bediuzzaman states, “Our Prophet (saas) relates in such a way that they are not normally understood. They can only be understood after they occur. Those who are deep in knowledge say, “God knows the truth” and manifest these hidden truths. Otherwise they are not understood; not everyone can understand them.”

For instance, notice that people are astonished. They walk while water is above them. That is to say the sea is above them. They, on the other hand, assume that people walk on water. The fact is the sea is above them and they walk. Indeed, it is stated that they eat where they walk. That is, they eat and convene there. Indeed there are facilities there. Those who enter there eat, convene, do anything there. Those who  related it to people felt astonished but now that it has occurred, it is understood that it is extremely reasonable. It is stated that they convene there and eat there. That is, they form a place for themselves.

That part about the treasure is also very important!

At the same time, there is a mention of treasure. It is stated that treasures would be excavated. That is to say, everything excavated from the earth.

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