Explanations from the Treatise of Light regarding Jesus's methods of activity

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 December 2013)

Explanations from the  Treatise of Light regarding Jesus's methods of activity
"There is a sign and a hint in the fact that the number of the spiritual community of strivers who recognize and abide by Jesus through the light of faith is very small when compared to the scholarly and material armies of the antichrist in a number of schools and soldiers.”
Bediuzzaman says that the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will come and that people will recognize him through the light of faith. I mean they will say, "This is Jesus (pbuh)". But he calls them "...a spiritual community of strivers." Who is this community, I wonder? That is a community of strivers, a spiritual community. " Bediuzzaman calls them a "community."  When compared to the “scholarly and material armies of the antichrist in a number of schools and soldiers…" Well that means Jesus and his disciples will found schools as well. That means they will be employing the method of Fethullah Hodja.  And "...in soldiers" Bediuzzaman says: That means, they will also have a place among soldiers. That means he will also send his students to the military units and they will set up their own cadres in military offices. Look, it says; "...when compared to the scholarly and material armies…" There will be many scholars among the students of Jesus; there will be associate professors, professors. So it is explicitly understood that they will have extensive activities in the universities. So they will be in military, armies in the classical sense of the word, so that means they will have rank and become Generals. So they will be officers; that means he will have a broad command over the army. And it says; "...there is a sign and a hint.." I mean, if they are in thousands, tens of thousands, the other will be hundreds maybe two hundreds maybe three hundreds. But despite that comparison they will be victorious, Bediuzzaman says.

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