People encourage one another to fight, while we strive to calm them down


We always say that diverse minds will always clash so long as they do not gather round a single mind in the End Times. When minds clash, people clash. Then anarchy ensues. There is clear no other way out than the Mahdi, the teacher of love.

He says in the hadiths that “The Mahdi will rule from his house, from his chair.” What is the aim behind ruling from his chair? The Mahdi is not interested in politics, only in love, friendship and brotherhood. He could not make politics from his chair. One word from the Mahdi and strife will end and love will burst out. The Mahdi always concentrates on love and friendship. People are open to love, but also to violence. For example, a crowd of people come together and say let us attack this place, and they damage everywhere. People who would never behave in an anarchical manner on their own are capable of doing this. There are young girls among them. They are perfectly respectable on their own. There are young men, electronic engineers. They have never engaged in anarchy, but they throw stones and break windows.

When people are conditioned to love, love forms in their hearts. People are open to conditioning. The Mahdi will condition people to love. When a fight breaks out there are people who say, “Break it up, go home,” aren’t there? And both sides break it off. One person can stop a fight. But one person can also incite it. There are also people who say, “Hit him in the mouth, break his nose, shoot him!” They incite matters and make them worse. But the Mahdi is a pacifier and reconciler. At the moment, people are always looking for a fight.

For example, they are encouraging a fight between the government and the Fethullah Gülen community. And very successfully. They are encouraging fighting between groups in Syria and Iraq. We can achieve results when we stand up to calm things down.

We have worked hard to calm the tensions between that community and the government. We have largely calmed things down, if not entirely. But it carried on longer.

Didem Ürer: Many commentators issued calls for peace after what you said. They reminded Muslims that they are brothers.

Adnan Oktar: Yes. Almost nobody was trying to calm things down. Almost everyone had taken sides in the conflict. The great majority took sides. Their logic was one of harming one another. When I spoke of the need to calm things down, a wide-ranging campaign of reconciliation was set in motion. You have seen this in the press and everyone.


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