The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the incidents taking place in Syria

The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the incidents taking place in Syria 

الفضل، عن الحسن بن محبوب، عن عمرو بن أبي المقدام، عن جابر الجعفي، عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام قال: الزم الارض ولا تحرك يدا ولا رجلا حتى ترى علامات أذكرها لك وما أراك تدرك: إختلاف بني فلان، ومناد ينادي من السماء، ويجيئكم الصوت من ناحية دمشق بالفتح، وخسف قرية من قرى الشام تسمى الجابية. وستقبل إخوان الترك حتى ينزلوا الجزيرة، وستقبل مارقة الروم حتى ينزلوا الرملة، فتلك السنة فيها اختلاف كثير في كل أرض من ناحية المغرب. فأول أرض تخرب الشام، يختلفون عند ذلك على ثلاث رايات: راية الاصهب، وراية الابقع، وراية السفياني.

al-Fadl from al-Hasan b. Mahbub from `Amr b. Abi’l Miqdam from Jabir al-Ju`fi from Abu Ja`far عليه السلام.

He said: Remain on the ground and do not mobilize a hand or a leg until you see the signs that I mention to you. I do not perceive that you [O Jabir] will see them:  A schism between Banu fulan, a Caller who will call from the sky, a liberating sound that will come to you from the direction of Damascus, the swallowing-up of a village from the villages of Sham called aj-Jabiyya, the advance of the Turkish brothers until they descend to the peninsula (jazira), the advance of the rebels of Rome until they descend to ar-Ramla. In that year there will be many schisms in the whole Earth from the direction of the West (al-maghrib). The first land that will be destroyed is Sham, and they will schism at that point upon three banners: the red yellowish banner (PKK), the spotted banner (Abqa), and the banner of the Sufyani (Syria). (Tusi’s Ghayba)

حدثنا الوليد ورشدين عن ابن لهيعة عن أبي قبيل عن أبي رومان 
عن علي قال إذا إختلفت أصحاب الرايات السود يخسف بقرية من قرى إرم ويسقط جانب مسجدها الغربي ثم تخرج بالشام ثلاث رايات الأصهب والأبقع والسفياني فيخرج السفياني من الشام والأبقع من مصر فيظهر السفياني عليهم

Ali bin Abi Taleb (r.a.) said: "When the black banners differ among each other, a village from the villages of Iram and the western side of its Mosque collapses. Then, in AshSham, three banners (armies) come out for each of the As'Hab (reddish, yellow), Abqa' (spotted), and Sufyani (Syria). The Sufyani  comes from AshSham and the Abqa' from Egypt...." (Nuaim bin Hammad's Kitab Al-Fitan)
The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the incidents taking place in Syria  
Adnan Oktar: Related from Jaber, Imam Jafari Sadiq "I will not be able to see those times but if you live in that time there will be a call from the skies …" meaning a call through radio and television "… Jabiyya region of Syria will be razed down." Actually Jabiyya has really been razed down in Syria. "… Turkish people will set foot to the peninsula," so Turkey must somehow set foot on that peninsula as our Prophet (saas) says so in his hadiths. "… at that time conflicts will take place all around the world. Damascus will be razed down. There will be three banners. The banner of the companions…" meaning the banner of the devout people. "Baka's banner,…" Baka appears to be the  PKK, etc. As far as I understand that is their banner, "… and the banner of the Sufyan."Meaning Al-Assad. Jabiyya is an important region of Syria. 
Related from Ismael bin Mahram, from İsmail bin Mahram, Ibn-i Amire and Harzami; I have asked from Imam Jafari Sadiq; "What should we do when Sufyan appears from Damascus?" So they asked "What should we do there?" "Imam Jafari Sadiq responded; "When five regions of Damascus- Syria- are occupied, you should go to the owner of the time, Sahib-ul Amr (Mahdi)."  Right now Syria has been divided into five. Exactly "5" says our Prophet (saas), Syria has been divided into five and this took place in the papers. Our Prophet (saas) said this word by word. 


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